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Marriage Is...

"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans..."

- John Lennon I woke up this morning to a cool breeze coming in our window. I could hear the rustle of the leaves on the trees, the sky was grey and the hot, humid weather was gone. This little hint that Fall is around the corner was the perfect start to my day! I am so ready to say good-bye to summer and hello to Fall clothing, pumpkin spice lattes, pickles, crisp fresh air and a better TV schedule! The best part about this morning? I opened my eyes at 7am and it was the cool breeze that woke me, not an alarm clock. This is huge! Hey all you morning people, how do you do it? I give HUGE PROPS to those of you who can enjoy a coffee, watch the news or exercise before going to work. I am usually rushing, cranky and half asleep going out the door in the morning.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Me Time, Much Needed Me Time! where I talk about my need to find balance and make changes in my daily routine. One of the changes I decided I would make is to start listening to my body w…

Our Honeymoon

JUST MARRIED was strung across the back of the Jeep, we packed anything and everything we'd need on a road trip, and we hit the pavement. I highly recommend road trips, especially on your honeymoon! After the rush of Wedding planning, partying and entertaining family and friends, the alone time together is so nice. Being alone in the car with G is one of my favorite places to be, tunes up loud, a picnic basket of snacks packed and nothing to do but enjoy the sights with no worry of time.

We drove for what seemed like forever, made some fun stops along the way and finally arrived in Bangor. We got a room, crashed and in the morning set out for Kittery where we did some shopping and touring around. Kittery is a very cute little town with nice people, great prices and great food. We walked from one shop to another and stopped for delicious fish n' chips at the cutest little diner. Keeping to Boston, we knew we had to take advantage of being in our friends neighborhood, so we met …

Wedding Photos

I would love to share all of my Wedding photos with you, but I know that wouldn't be right. Our Wedding Photographer, Betty Anne Cameron, did a fantastic job capturing every moment that we will want to cherish forever and ever. She didn't miss anything and every shot captures the happiness we felt on that day. Photos of our friends and family are being kept private, but here are just a few more of us that I am happy to share with you all! Click here to see my all time favorite shots from the collection.
Enjoy, Rachel Emmilee XO

ME time, much needed ME time!

Soft music playing, the smell of an aged antique home and every so often, nature hitting my face with a breeze from an open window. A crisp sheet covering my body and nothing to do but relax. I could get used to this... Me time, much needed me time!

As the Massage Therapist stripped through my shoulder muscles she asked, "Have you cried enough?"

Being a Massage Therapist I know that sometimes conversations during treatment can get a bit deep, so I had no problem opening up to her. I thought about it for a second and eventually replied, "My family would argue that I'm a very emotional person, I feel like I talk about my feelings enough... But I guess I keep a lot in and often I get overwhelmed by my feelings... Maybe I haven't cried enough..."

The Therapist sensed that I need a good cry or an emotional release. She thinks I am holding onto negative stress and negative memories which is resulting in muscle tension and poor posture. I knew what she was getting…

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister...

yesterday was my sister's birthday. she's in heaven, 22 years old. i was emotional on and off all day. i was thinking of her and all the things we'd have in common at this point in our lives being in our twenties together. my spirits were lifted throughout the day signing into facebook to see messages from family and friends who are also remembering her today.

i spent the afternoon with some of my favorite people, g of course, his mom, and my parents... pool, bbq and some laughs, christine wouldn't have had it any other way.

i couldn't bring myself to visit her grave, i have only been there 4 times since... it seems to be a lot easier for my parents and sister, but it just really brings me down. it's something i need to work on. sitting around yesterday with my family, i thought about how much she would love our "new" home and the pool especially. i find it so hard to accept that she died before i moved home, before i bought a house, before i got marr…