Married One Month Today, Loving Every Minute...

Part 4 - Good Morning Mrs. B...

G and I took the last shuttle home at the end of the night... Yes, home. Why wouldn't we go back to where we live, the most private, relaxing place we know? It was so nice coming home and taking the dress off, showering off the makeup, letting my hair down and crawling in our nice cozy bed. The day was incredible, the night was a party I'll never forget.

I felt so happy and content falling asleep. So close to G, my new husband, and so lucky to have such an incredible family and group of friends. In the morning, I woke up to "Good morning Mrs. B..." and knew it wouldn't take much getting used to. I loved the sound of it. I had been waiting to say it out loud for a very long time! Like my cousin Matt stated in his speech, I spent the last decade of my life (or maybe more) doodling my name with his on everything that found itself under my pen.

We went about our morning with our regular routine, coffee, lazing from one couch to another, giddy with newly married bliss. We had a family BBQ and gift opening to attend in the later afternoon so we took advantage of the quiet time. After a while, we had some visitors come by to visit before heading on their way, we had coffee and laughed about the night with them. It's always fun hearing about the night from friends, and even better when all agree it was a blast...

Later, at my Mom and Dad's house, both families and a handful of friends gathered for a BBQ. Mom and Dad pulled off a great party once again with a delicious spread and we spent the entire night around the fire pit playing tunes and singing at the top of our lungs.  My uncle set off another round of fireworks, and one of G's friends entertained us with some jokes. It was a great way to wrap up a fantastic weekend. From there, our family and friends had to leave and the Wedding weekend came to an end. I was very sad to see everyone heading back, but excited to get started on the next chapter.

It's been a dream come true. I explained at the wedding that growing up, I did what some people frown upon or consider clichĂ©; I grew up chasing the fairy tale. I really did. I even joked that it was during the rolling credits of The Little Mermaid that I started planning my Wedding. I looked for the Prince charming that would sweep me off my feet and give me butterflies, love me for who I am and promise me forever. My parents never discouraged me from that. I wouldn't tell anyone that fairy tales don't exist, that Prince Charmings are hard to come by or that happily ever afters are rare because I know these dreams can come true. Without the singing animals, wicked witches, dragons and fairy godmothers... I live in my own fairy tale.

 I am certain G and I will live happily ever after.

Rachel Emmilee


Part 3 - Dum Dum De Dum... All dressed in gold...

June 30th 2012

I forgot to mention that the sky was dark and everyone was anticipating a down pour all morning. I on the other hand, was not surprised that as my Dad drove my Mother and I to the Church, the blue sky came through and the sun started shining. I knew that a special Angel would make sure we had a beautiful day, so I didn't worry about the weather one bit.

We arrived at the Church to see a full parking lot, a line up of cars and people rushing in before me. I even saw some people watching me enter the Church from their cars. I felt like a movie star, and I'm surprised to say that I was as cool as a cucumber standing at the back of the Church waiting to enter. Talking to G on the phone a few hours earlier took away all my nervous jitters and I was confident and so excited to finally get married! My Dad was my rock, he kept smiling at me and said a little something that will stick with me forever…

The doors opened and through all the cameras and smiling faces the only person I could see was G. He looked so incredibly handsome standing there. He let out a deep breath as I got closer and the expression on his face assured me he was very happy and excited. Our photographer captured this exact expression, and it will be a photo I'll cherish forever.

Our Priest gave a beautiful Mass, very personal and very intimate. We shared tears and laughter, and after saying our vows and sealing it with a kiss, we left as husband and wife. I couldn't have asked for a nicer ceremony, with all my friends and family there, I wouldn't change a thing.

Our Wedding programs, a love story!

Just married, we jumped in the back of our Jeep where two cold ones were waiting for us. G's brother took us on a little tour of our town honking the horn while our Wedding guests followed behind, I felt like a Queen parading through town waving at people. We felt very relaxed and happy. I didn't even mind that my hair that was set in rollers all morning, was being ruined by the wind as paraded around in the topless jeep. Our photographer followed us around from one place to another taking photos, at Cabot Links, my parents house and of course, our home. At home we took some of my favorite photos in our yard, and I was able to go into my own bathroom to freshen up. Soon we were off to our Reception Hall where 200 of our family members and friends were waiting. The meal was fabulous, and the speeches were unforgettable. To no surprise, my father melted everyone's hearts with a beautiful speech, my new brothers were so sweet and charming welcoming me into their family, and my sister spoke about her love for G as her new brother and congratulated us on our marriage.

Waiting to enter the Reception Hall...

In memory of Ronsie, G's Dad, we have made a donation to The ALS Society in your name. Enjoy your Colt cigar.

Dancing the night away!

I'll never forget it, the happiest day of my life!

To be continued...
Rachel Emmilee

Part 2 - The Wedding Day

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning in my old room, and like old times, my best friend Tess was sleeping beside me. My first thought was that I desperately needed more sleep until it quickly hit me that today was the day. I am getting married today. My stomach did a little flip, and I realized there was no way I was going back to sleep. I went upstairs where everyone else was still sleeping except my Dad who had left for the horse barn to feed the horses. I crawled in bed with Mom.

Today is the day she said.

My stomach did another flip.

My nerves were getting the best of me to the point that I couldn’t eat breakfast and even the water that washed down my stomach pill was forced. Where did these nervous jitters come from and WHY NOW? My sister encouraged me to eat something and my Mom told me I had to get up and move around, but all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and stop time.

Tess woke up from downstairs just as Katy arrived with her make up collection. It's too early for this. It was time to start getting ready and I was not READY.

I knew I had to call G. I didn’t care if I was breaking a rule or if it was bad luck, G was the only person who was going to calm me down. I snuck in my Mom’s bedroom, called his cell phone and when he answered I instantly felt better. He told me he had a quiet night with a friend back at our house, which was comforting to me. I had expected him to party hard the night before with his guys and was pleasantly surprised to hear he didn't. I told him I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and his comforting voice replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there”… I could tell he was smiling and I could hear the excitement in his tone. Not one bit nervous. I knew that a call would take away my nervousness, so when we hung up the phone I was more than ready to be a bride! 

Getting pretty!

Something new from the Groom, a beautiful diamond on a gold chain with a sweet note attached. His brothers delivered this sweet present and it was adorable. 

To be continued...

Rachel Emmilee


I'll Start At The Beginning...

I'm taking advantage of a quiet moment on our honeymoon to write, as G is napping in the shade and I have way too much on my mind to sit quietly. It's the perfect setting. We're in cozy little house on a private beach in Cape Cod, the sun is shining and the sound of the waves crashing on shore could put you to sleep if you closed your eyes long enough. I'm looking across the patio at my new husband who is sun-burnt and sun-drunk and I'm loving every minute of this paradise, and this feeling. 

It has only been a week and a few days since we tied the knot but as each day passes, I fear that I’m going to forget a detail that made the whole experience so wonderful. I have been replaying each moment over and over in my head so that I can write it all down and never have to worry about forgetting how I felt as a newlywed. I am so happy. I am so overwhelmed with love for my family, my friends and of course my new husband that I could burst. From the moment he asked me to be his wife to this moment right now, I have loved every single day. I have loved the excitement of planning, rehearsing my new name and watching my ring sparkle in the sun, shopping and partying and preparing myself for the big day more than words can describe. It was everything I imagined it to be and more, and with this post I hope that years from now I can look back and remember the high. 

THURSDAY - June 28th – Rehearsal Day

My mother and I got on the road early to drive an hour away for last minute errands like buying liquor, food, paying off vendors and making a quick visit to the Spa.

I felt very calm on this morning. Despite the sudden rush to get things done, I knew that everything was going to work out perfectly. G was going to spend the morning doing some yard work, yes yard work, and I was going to tackle a few things on the road with Mom. As for the marriage being only days away, I wasn’t one bit nervous.

In the car Mom took advantage of the alone time to tell me she was very proud of me and very confident that G and I are meant to be. Her words of wisdom and her overall approval meant so much to me that morning. We ordered A&W burgers and fries for our drive home, and joked that it was our last meal together before I became a B.

The rush was on…

We got home at 2 in the afternoon and I had very little time to pretty up for the eventful night. I put on a cute white dress and drove myself ten minutes to town where first, I made an appearance at a cousins Graduation party and then off I went to the Church. When G and I arrived, our Wedding party and parents met us. I anticipated our rehearsal to be more stressful but it was very relaxed. Our Priest has become a family friend over the years, so he made sure we were comfortable and didn’t allow any tension to build. I have to admit, I was becoming a bit nervous at this point - reciting our vows with 20 eyes on us was intimidating and knowing that in two days there would be hundreds of eyes watching really spooked me. I was afraid I would be an emotional mess!

From there, we carried on to G’s family home where his Mom was the hostess of an awesome rehearsal party for both of our families. She went above and beyond, spent weeks landscaping and preparing her home so everything was beautiful and magazine worthy for all her guests. The BBQ was cranking out steaks and lobster, the fire pit was rockin', the tunes were on and everyone was having a great time. It was a fun start to the weekend. Some CRAZY people even saw the sun come up the next day and didn't go home with their wife-to-be, but that’s a story we'll skip. Let’s just say, if it weren’t for my father and his wise words, I would have had very little to say to G the day before our Wedding. Thanks Dad, for stopping me from being a nagging wife before actually becoming a wife…

FRIDAY - June 29th - The Day Before The Wedding.

My very hung-over fiancĂ© and I spent the morning lazing around our house. My Dad, uncles and brother in law arrived later to help with lawn mowing that had been put off because of rain. With all their helping hands we had a beautifully manicured lawn in record time. Not too long after, with a quick second wind, G geared up in his golf attire and left with his buddies while I enjoyed a quiet afternoon kicking around the house on my own. I really did, I spent the entire afternoon at home by myself cleaning, relaxing and preparing myself for the days to come...
Soon it was time to put the rubber gloves away. I packed my bag and drove into my Mom and Dad’s where all my friends were gathering for a girls night. I was pleasantly surprised to see G one more time before the night ended. Giving him a hug and knowing that the next time I would see him would be at the Church for our Wedding was overwhelming to say the least.

I spent the night with my girls and gay, watched bits and pieces of Mamma Mia, drank some wine and got pampered. I’ll never forget the love I felt that night, everyone was so loving and as excited as me! Our evening together helped me relax and get ready for the big day, and that was the greatest gift my friends could have given me.
Then, fireworks to wake the heavens! 

Watching the sky light up with beautiful colors, I wonder if the loud noise and bright lights are getting her attention up there...

Admiring the dress...

My Mom, Dad, sister and I shared a few happy tears when I gave my parents some gifts from my heart. My Dad laughed until he cried when I gave him a book that I personalized, and my Mom appreciated a handmade handkerchief with a personal note stitched on it. With a little push, I was off to bed… In the morning I would become Mrs. B…

To be continued…

Rachel Emmilee