About Me

I am 27.
A small town girl.
Happily married to my favorite person in the world.
Most comfortable at home, particularly in my kitchen or on the couch with my guy.
I love to cook, watch cooking shows and feed my friends and family.
I love to eat, too.
I have a dog who owns a big part of my heart, and a cat who I love almost as much. Don't judge, my puppy came first...
An extrovert and an introvert. I love my friends and making new ones and sharing my life with others has always been something I've done through pictures and writing.
But, I love my alone time. Writing, reading, and thinking.
I am coffee obsessed.
A wine lover in the making.
Collector of fancy tea cups.
 Massage Therapist, because I believe hands can heal.
I have a sister who is an Angel, who is with me all the time. I can feel her.
A lifelong, self proclaimed journalist. Not the educated kind, but the kind that has filled many journals only to hide in hope chests.
I love reading about other peoples life experiences and cultures.
I am a reality TV junkie.
I get emotionally attached to everything.
I am truly happy.


  1. wow, you are gorgeous brunette or blonde! Jealous!

  2. that is such an amazing about me! congrats to your new marriage, I wish you and your new hubby the best in all things to come. I was SUPPOSED to get married this year, but financial issues set us back a few months. Oddly enough we've been together since Dec of 04, and he proposed last christmas so our time lines are almost identical. Now if only he 'puts a WEDDING ring on it' in March like we've been planning..... haha ;)

    Rica xx

  3. Hey girl! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Check out more details here: http://designerinteal.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-liebster-award.html


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