I never minded the end of summer. I have always looked forward to it, actually. Clearly it's not my favorite season. As a young girl when the days were getting shorter and the breeze was getting cooler, most people were taking advantage of those last few beach days while I was happily preparing myself for the start of a new school year. After a free flowing summer I welcomed structure, deadlines and routine. I loved the feeling of a fresh start, being in a new classroom with a new teacher, having new subjects to study and crisp, untouched notepads. Was there anything better than writing on the first page of a brand new notepad? I'd buy new school supplies and organize it all neatly in my backpack, I'd color code my day planner with new highlighters, and I would make a list of things to do differently to have a better year than the last. I'd even get a new hair cut.

I'm in my late twenties now and not much has changed. Although I'm not going back to school in September, I am still anxiously awaiting the end of August for the much needed change of pace. I already have my list of goals set, although many of them are from last years list that were never crossed off. I'm already searching for the perfect dark brown to dye my hair, and I'm pinning exercise routines that I'll enjoy doing because it's no longer blistering hot outside. I'm looking forward to conferences and workshops that will keep me motivated and more involved at work, and at the end of my week having plenty of time to relax so I can go back to work feeling rested. To spend a Saturday baking, to have energy to cook a proper meal, to sip a cup of tea under a blanket as a fire cracks in the stove... I am so excited.
Are you like me? Or do you wish summer could last forever?
Rachel Emmilee