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Cape Breton Corn Chowder

Growing up you couldn't pay me to eat chowder. Warm, milky, chunky soup was not appealing to me at all until I gave it a whirl myself. I knew I had to try it, because G loves it, and as his gal I needed to impress him with some home cooked favorites. Right? Well, it turns out I can make some damn good corn chowder... Here's how it's done...

Peel and cube POTATOES and add to boiling water to cook until they are almost fork tender. Drain.
In a crock or large pot, combine potatoes, 3 LG CANS CREAMED CORN, 1 TSP GROUND THYME, 1 TBSP FRESH CHOPPED PARSLEY, 3 CUPS MILK or HALF AND HALF. Mix and allow it to cook low and slow while you cook 1 CUP CHOPPED ONION in 4 TBSP BUTTER in a frying pan. Add cooked onion to corn mixture. Use the same frying pan to cook and crumble BACON (there is never too much bacon). Add bacon to the Chowder but leave some for garnish.
Simmer for 1 hour, allow flavors to combine and potatoes to fully soften. If soup is too thick for your liking, add more m…

Put your arms around me and I'm home.

I am snuggled up on the big chair beside the wood stove in the big room. This is where I will spend the entire winter, as snug as a bug on a rug. My entire right side is hot to touch from the fire burning beside me, but it's so lovely considering how cold it is outside. It's a dark fall day, the wind is blowing so hard that the draft in the stove is whistling and the tree branches are scratching against the windows. The chill in the air would have you believing that snow is soon on it's way. Home alone, I am nestled into my happy place with the computer on my lap, the TV set on the Food Network and a pot of tea steeping on the stove. G is out with friends.

I look around and reflect on my life, where I'm at and how I feel. I have grown to love our new home so much, despite it being set in quiet hills and distanced from our friends and family. I never thought I would love the quiet so much. I've never thought I'd feel so at home. Is it the house, is it the stage o…

Rachel's Guacamole Recipe


2 Large ripe Avocados
1 Pkg Guacamole Dip Mix or 1 tbsp Epicure Guacamole Dip Mix
Juice from 1 Small Lime
1 Basket of Cherry Tomatoes (I like lots of Tomatoes in every bite, you may want less.)
3/4 Block of Cream Cheese softened to room temperature.

I am assuming everyone knows how to open an AVOCADO and remove the pit. Other prep involves chopping the CHERRY TOMS either in half or quarters, soften CREAM CHEESE if it isn't already at room temp and role your lime to release the juices.

Mash the AVOCADOS in your go to dip dish with a fork, add CREAM CHEESE and combine well with a spatula, add DIP MIX PKG, squeeze LIME juice into mixture and combine. Fold in the CHERRY TOMATOES.

I like to serve this dip chilled. Leave the avocado pit in the dip while it's chilling to keep it fresh and prevent discoloration.


Since posting this, I've come to enjoy Guacamole all sorts of ways and rarely ever follow a recipe. Half the fun of Guacomole is that you c…
When you're having a bad day, so bad that you feel the need to tweet about it, and your Food Network crush tweets back at you...

"Roger Mooking @RachelEmmilee Eat chocolate, apparently women love that for everything. Hehehe" 

... When you can actually take his advice because downstairs on your counter there's a Swiss Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting waiting to be cut into...

... It's safe to say, things aren't that bad.