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Why You Should Cut Your Hair

Let's face it, deep down you've already decided to go for it - you just need one last push into that salon chair. Do I think you should cut your hair? Hell yes! Here's why...

1. You need a change. It's been months, maybe even years since you've changed your hairstyle and you want a sexy new look. Am I right? You've stalked 'Short Hair' Pinterest boards more than you ever did a boyfriend's ex with an extreme case of hair envy. Am I right? You've pinned cuts you love and sent screenshots of Julianne Hough to your friends looking for their approval more than once... Am I right? Come on, you're as ready as you'll ever be! Just do it.
2. You've have a long face. If you have an oval shaped face like me, chances are you've looked in the mirror and thought your hair was dragging you down and making you look longer. Make sense? Find a cut that frames your face and draws attention to your eyes, lips, cheekbones or jawline.

3. You are sick an…