Why You Should Cut Your Hair

Let's face it, deep down you've already decided to go for it - you just need one last push into that salon chair. Do I think you should cut your hair? Hell yes! Here's why...

1. You need a change. It's been months, maybe even years since you've changed your hairstyle and you want a sexy new look. Am I right? You've stalked 'Short Hair' Pinterest boards more than you ever did a boyfriend's ex with an extreme case of hair envy. Am I right? You've pinned cuts you love and sent screenshots of Julianne Hough to your friends looking for their approval more than once... Am I right? Come on, you're as ready as you'll ever be! Just do it.

2. You've have a long face. If you have an oval shaped face like me, chances are you've looked in the mirror and thought your hair was dragging you down and making you look longer. Make sense? Find a cut that frames your face and draws attention to your eyes, lips, cheekbones or jawline.

3. You are sick and tired of washing, rinsing, brushing, drying and styling the matted mess that it's become. Take your wet brush and your leave in conditioner and shove it you know where. When your hair is thick, heavy and dyed a million times over, nothing makes these daily tasks easier. When you get to where your scalp can't take anymore trauma and your hair gets pulled up into a bun day after day, tangles and all, to save time and energy - it's gotta go.

4. The time it takes to actually do your hair is time you'd rather spend doing... anything else. We're talking a ten minute tangle brush out, ten minute air dry, thirty minute round brush blow out, five minute root tease, twenty minutes with a curling or straightening iron or, twenty minutes setting hot rollers. GIRLS, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Cut your hair and spend all the extra time drinking all the wine.

5. You're tired of pulling hair out of your ass. Real talk. With long hair, how crucial are the last five minutes of a shower to make sure the hair that fell from your head isn't hiding anywhere? There's no such thing as a quick shower when you lose a hundred strands in one wash, and there's nothing more annoying than finding stray hairs where the sun doesn't shine.

6. Long hair is SO expensive. When you have to use a palm full of shampoo and conditioner each time you wash, you're not getting away with one bottle a month. Cha-ching! Add up all the styling products and the climbing cost of your salon visits and tell me, do you feel good about the expense that is your long hair? Didn't think so.

7. Your old clothes, jewelery and accessories suddenly feel like new. You know those few tops you keep in the back of your closet? They suddenly fit better and look nicer with your new hair. It's like magic. You'll even find a new love for big earrings and scarves, and all this fun accessorizing will make you feel more polished everyday.

8. You'll want new makeup, and who doesn't want an excuse to buy new makeup? Your short cut will frame your face and draw so much attention to your facial features that you'll want to enhance what you can with some new makeup. Who doesn't look forward to new makeup after a new haircut? Or is that just me?

9. It's only HAIR and HAIR will grow back. As much as I hated when people reinforced this, it's a pretty solid argument. If you're thinking about making the cut but you're afraid you'll regret it, chances are you'll find a way to style it to hold you over until it becomes more manageable. Either way it will grow back and at the very least, you gave it a shot. YOLO!

10. Long hair doesn't define your sexy. If you're worried that cutting your hair will take away your pretty, trust me, it's not the hair you have to worry about. Hair or no hair - as long as you hold your head high and think strong, confident, and beautiful inside and out - you'll never stop turning heads.

Rachel Emmilee


  1. I'm in my mid forties and looooove my long hair but yours looks super pretty!

  2. Love this...thanks for sharing!


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