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Sniffles on Saturday

I'm spending this Saturday on the couch sipping a hot toddy. I'm hoping to sooth a sore throat, stuffed nose and an overall yucky feeling that has me moving at a sluggish pace and looking like death. After a hearty breakfast my husband left for afternoon band practice and I'm excited to have a few hours alone with my lazy puppy, no house work to do and nothing expected of me all day. I can relax with the computer, watch Finland beat USA in the Bronze Medal game, and lounge in my pajamas.

I could dwell on the fact that I've caught a cold and the weather is upsetting, because trust me I'm so over it, but I decided to look at the bright side of things to try to turn my mood around. Although I sound like quite the pissy pants lately, I assure you there are plenty of things that are making me happy...

Grinding my own coffee beans My family Renee's Greek Yogurt Herb & Feta Dip kicked up a notch by adding extra feta cheese Stacey's Pita Chips or fresh veggies wi…

Over it.

In my last post I embraced winter, the crisp air and the fluffy snow.  Today, I'm having none of that. I am over it. I am cold. I am pale. My skin is dry and itchy. I have no desire to do anything. 
I feel incredibly lazy. Even circuit training, my only excuse to get out and exercise has been put on hold due to weather. Having to cancel for the sixth Wednesday in a row because of snow covered roads and poor visibility is beyond depressing. I've resorted to dance parties in my underwear where I jump, kick, twerk and pump my hips to a Songza dance floor play list in my bedroom. I know my husband and my dog are judging me, but I need to move, I need to sweat. I'm going shack happy.
I have been watching so much television. So much that I think to myself... This can't be normal. I can't possibly be caught up on Girls, Nashville, The Bachelor, Mom, Suits, The Walking Dead, American Idol, Modern Family and a million other shows I'm too embarrassed to list.

Spring is…

Winter Blues

It's February, we're buried in snow and there's more on the way. The roads are ice covered, temperatures are in the negatives and stores and pubs are closed for the season. This is right around the time when I start to feel a little guilt for completing yet another series on Netflix, when the voice inside my head starts begging me to be more productive, and when I can feel my muscles atrophy more and more each time I settle under a blanket.

Yesterday, I tried to kick the winter blues in the butt by going for a little walk on our dirt road. I do this now and then, but not nearly as often as I'd like for fear of running into something hungry.

Sometimes, in the rush of coming and going I forget to look around and appreciate our beautiful surroundings, so on this walk I did just that. All I could hear was the crunching of snow under my feet, the birds chirping like it was a summer day and the sound of my breath. I could see my breath too, it was very cold, but you'd n…

Friday & Saturday & Superbowl Sunday

We were off to Halifax with Mom, Dad and Sister. We've only been looking forward to this night since November, so you can imagine we were super excited. Blue Rodeo was hitting the stage at 8pm! Everyone packed into our vehicle which made the four hour drive very entertaining... My sister and her frequent pee breaks, my Dad and his claustrophobia, my Mom's incessant need to blast the music to drown out conversation...

Once in the city, we ran a few errands before checking into the hotel, with the most important errand being a visit to the NSLC. In our room, we got comfortable with a  stiff shot of whisky and some tunes to get us in the mood for a night on the town!

The concert was amazing. We bounced in our seats during the first set and made it to the stage for the second, dancing and singing and making awkward yet sexual eye contact with Jim Cuddy. For a moment I forgot there were thousands of people behind us and believed they were performing for me and only me. They never …