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Emma Stone, gorgeous and so funny!

I was THIS close to dying my hair dark red because I loved this look so much, but in no time she went blonde again. Emma has always been an inspiration in the hair department. She and I share a few of the same facial features which makes asking a stylist for her look more realistic than say, asking for Kim Kardashian hair. We both have green eyes, naturally dark brows and fare skin. I feel that if she can pull it off, so can I. Now, thanks to this hot new photo of her as a blond bombshell, I think I too am leaning a little more to the lighter side.

Which look do you like?

... october, november and december are romantic months... it gets dark by 6pm, giving you a good excuse to cuddle up under blankets with a hot cup of something yummy... i am loving tassimo caramel macchiatto lattes more than anyone should... i am loving that it's sweater, legging and boot season... i love that this weekend i go shopping with myfriend in halifax... i love that my stuffed up husband hoped that giving me five kisses would win me five days off to spend with him at home... but i love that i didn't catch his cold... i love netflix... lost marathons in bed... chocolate milk... i love my sunday night dates with walking dead people and wednesday night rose ceremonies with the canadian bachelor... i love the pvr... i love snooki because she was the cutest pregnant girl ever and by far the most entertaining part of jersey shore... i love leftover wedding wine... i love coming home to handymen who are working hard to make our house as safe and sound as it could possibly …

Let It Strengthen You

it was early morning and i woke to the sound of three loud thumps on the floor above me. i knew my parents needed me in a hurry, as that's how they'd get my attention when they couldn't go to the top of the stairs to call my name.  i heard this noise many, many times before but never panicked. sometimes i ignored it, thinking whatever they needed me for wasn't as important as my sleep - but this time, i jumped to my feet in an instant and i ran upstairs skipping three steps at a time. i felt in my gut there was something terribly wrong.

i reached the kitchen where my mother was pacing the floor and crying hysterically while on the phone with our family doctor. down the hall, i could hear panic in my fathers voice as he said my sisters name over and over. i ran into her bedroom, saw him kneeling beside her bed holding her, rocking her back and forth. she had taken a seizure.

i ran out of her room, through the kitchen, passed my mom, and at the very top of my lungs i scr…