Cape Breton Corn Chowder

Growing up you couldn't pay me to eat chowder. Warm, milky, chunky soup was not appealing to me at all until I gave it a whirl myself. I knew I had to try it, because G loves it, and as his gal I needed to impress him with some home cooked favorites. Right? Well, it turns out I can make some damn good corn chowder... Here's how it's done...

Peel and cube POTATOES and add to boiling water to cook until they are almost fork tender. Drain.
In a crock or large pot, combine potatoes, 3 LG CANS CREAMED CORN, 1 TSP GROUND THYME, 1 TBSP FRESH CHOPPED PARSLEY, 3 CUPS MILK or HALF AND HALF. Mix and allow it to cook low and slow while you cook 1 CUP CHOPPED ONION in 4 TBSP BUTTER in a frying pan. Add cooked onion to corn mixture. Use the same frying pan to cook and crumble BACON (there is never too much bacon). Add bacon to the Chowder but leave some for garnish.
Simmer for 1 hour, allow flavors to combine and potatoes to fully soften. If soup is too thick for your liking, add more milk. Garnish with bacon and PEPPER.

*Can't take all the credit, recipe inspired by a recipe!*

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