Wedding Photos

I would love to share all of my Wedding photos with you, but I know that wouldn't be right. Our Wedding Photographer, Betty Anne Cameron, did a fantastic job capturing every moment that we will want to cherish forever and ever. She didn't miss anything and every shot captures the happiness we felt on that day. Photos of our friends and family are being kept private, but here are just a few more of us that I am happy to share with you all! Click here to see my all time favorite shots from the collection.

Rachel Emmilee

I love this photo of me in the mirror. I am loving the tight curls that came from the rollers I was wearing all morning. I felt so beautiful! My best friend Tessa set my hair first thing in the morning, and with only 30 minutes before going to the Church, she pulled them out. It took her minutes to get my hair ready, and at the end of the night I threw all of her hard work up in a top knot!

Can you say handsome!?

 Because my Hubby is only an inch taller than me, he made one request for our Wedding day... That I don't tower over him in high heels! I decided to take him shopping with me to ensure that the shoes I picked got his stamp of approval, it was a funny experience and the girls in the store got a good laugh out of us!

I love that this moment was captured in a photo, I was so excited to see G but so overwhelmed by the crowd that I just started laughing and had to look down! My Dad looks really proud too!

White Roses with seeded Eucalyptus

Riley and Sophie, my niece and nephew and the two most adorable children I know!

Home :)


  1. wow, looks like an AMAZING day, and gosh, what an AMAZING couple!

  2. your photos are gorgeous! and I LOVE the layout of your blog. Found a link to you through =) I've just started this blogging thing! I'm definitely going to start following your posts.

  3. beautiful!!! I know I stalked you on Instagram and already said this--but that dress is STUNNING!

  4. Can't thank you enough for your sweet comments. The day was a dream, I enjoyed sharing the details with all of you! :)

  5. What beautiful pictures! Looks like you two had a fairy tail wedding :) And I love your shoes!

  6. Wow! Wonderfully romantic, spectacularly Beautiful :) I am still smiling at those lovely clicks. You & your spouse look so cute together. I am a bit younger to you but would like to say "God Bless you both"
    Take care dear Rachel :) Awesome blog :)


  7. you were a beautiful bride! I should write about our nyc wedding. that was a whirlwind...

  8. absolutely stunning dress. And I love that house picture!!!


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