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Our Honeymoon

JUST MARRIED was strung across the back of the Jeep, we packed anything and everything we'd need on a road trip, and we hit the pavement. I highly recommend road trips, especially on your honeymoon! After the rush of Wedding planning, partying and entertaining family and friends, the alone time together is so nice. Being alone in the car with G is one of my favorite places to be, tunes up loud, a picnic basket of snacks packed and nothing to do but enjoy the sights with no worry of time.

We drove for what seemed like forever, made some fun stops along the way and finally arrived in Bangor. We got a room, crashed and in the morning set out for Kittery where we did some shopping and touring around. Kittery is a very cute little town with nice people, great prices and great food. We walked from one shop to another and stopped for delicious fish n' chips at the cutest little diner. Keeping to Boston, we knew we had to take advantage of being in our friends neighborhood, so we met up with him and, cracked a beer and made some evening plans. He and his girlfriend took us to Strega on the Boston waterfront for dinner and it was unlike anything we're used to in Cape Breton; Italian posh with a Soprano vibe - almost intimidating. Our meal was amazing and the red wine completed the whole Italian experience. After dinner, we were off to Cheers for some drinks.

My Dad watched Cheers all the time, so it was pretty cool to hang out at the actual set.

Dinner at Strega.

. Yum! Eggs Benny and Iced Coffee at Vic's Waffle House...
One of the biggest highlights of our honeymoon, believe it or not... even for me... was seeing the Sox vs. Yankees at Fenway Park. We had amazing seats right on the field between home and first base. Within talking distance of the players, we felt like we were right in the middle of all the action! The energy, the noise, the food and of course the game made for an experience I will never forget. Needless to say, the playing of Sweet Caroline was one of my favorite moments.

We went down to Yawkey Way four hours before game time. Our friend wanted us to experience the rush of the fans in the streets. I couldn't believe the sight of thousands of fans sitting around waiting for the gates to open. The energy was awesome!
Here, we're having beers and grub at Cask N' Flagon before the game. Representin' the Sox with some brand new gear.

Inside Fenway Park getting ready to watch the game! Um, excited much?

BIG Papi

At the Yard House after the game.

We toured around Boston from the back seat, enjoyed all the sights, bar hopped and spent quality time with friends and even had a visit with some cousins. Boston was great and I can't wait to go back, but we were ready to move on to our next destination for some alone time.

The GPS was set for Herwich, Cape Cod. This town was absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a magazine. We enjoyed all the sights, took photos and visited some local shops and small businesses.  It was so nice to be tourists on our own with no directions or distractions. The people were very friendly and the weather was perfect all day, everyday. In a private, romantic beach house set right on the sand we unpacked our bags and settled in for the week. We spent our days relaxing, cracking beers at all hours of the day and had no shortage of tanning sessions or BBQ goodness. When you start to become bored with the sun and the sand, that's when you know you've reached the peak of vacation relaxation... But I didn't mind!

Looking into our cottage, looking out at the beach!

Everyday, crushing beers.

A tad bit sun drunk in this one... :)

That's me braving the water knowing that sharks weren't far from the area only days ago... Two Great Whites were spotted only 30ft from shore! Notice how I am the only one in the water? Even G is watching from the house... Hehehe

A relaxing evening. I have to admit to caving and watching The Bachelorette on Monday night, and even forced G to watch it with me...

I couldn't get enough of our late night walks on the beach, early morning swims and sand between our toes at all times. It made for a vacation that will be hard to beat. It was tough locking up and leaving it behind, but we'll be back again and again! I'd like to thank Mark and Kim who, at the very last minute on July 4th weekend accepted our request to rent their beach house. I would highly recommend this spot to any Cape Cod vacationers! Set right on the beach, it's quiet and romantic at night but busy during the day giving you the feeling that you're on a beach in Miami. Just down the road from adorable shops and great restaurants, you have everything you need and more right at your fingertips. The house was very clean, private and the owners were so very kind to accommodate all our needs!

When we left Cape Cod, we drove as far as NB. We weren't really in a rush to get home, but we looked forward to spending the remainder of the weekend on our own couch. We decided to book our last night away from NS at a fancy-shmancy Hotel. It was our first time asking for an upgrade on our travels, and it was so worth it. The room was so fabulous I could have stayed there for days taking advantage of the fluffy robes and the monster jet tub in the bedroom. The next day, we drove the last leg of our trip and arrived home... Back to reality, ready to get back into our regular routine and settle into married life. 

As they say, the honeymoon isn't over until you say it's over!

Rachel Emmilee


  1. Cite! Looks like you had fun! Love the idea of being spontaneous!

    1. Totally! We thought about a few places like Vegas, Cali, NYC... But afterwards, thought, there would have been way too many distractions. We came back from our honeymoon feeling so rested and recharged, it was perfect. I think if we had gone somewhere busy and loud, we'd miss out on the romantic down time...

  2. you braved shark-infested waters?

    you're totally a superhero, aren't you? :)

    looks like a great honeymoon!

    1. I really did. I really am. Watched a few bits of SHARK WEEK and wonder how I had such balls...

      It was a fab honeymoon, thanks :)

  3. YEAHHH BAAAHHHHSTUNNN!!! As a Masshole, I am ashamed to say that I experienced my first Boston Red Sox game just the other day! It's funny that you posted about this as I was just about to post about my own first Red Sox game :-)

    and you went to Maine--which is another amazing place I love <3

    You'll have to come back to New England soon...and hang out with meeee!

    1. Hahaha, I will for sure be going back and no doubt, sooner than later. What a fun time we had! Next time I go, I'll be making sure we meet up...

  4. This looks like such a fun honeymoon! Kittery/York area is soo beautiful & Boston is probably my all-time favorite city... I'm jealous :) Glad you had a good time, I love all the pictures!

  5. Oh I so want to visit Cape Cod!

  6. omg! J and I watch an episode of Cheers every single night.

  7. Hi, I found you on 20SB through one of your forum replies. I really enjoyed reading your blog, so I found myself scrolling through to the previous page. I must say that I was SHOCKED to see a picture of Vic's Waffle House here! What on earth were you doing in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, on your honeymoon?! I'm from that town and am always amazed when anyone not from there somehow ends up in it. You must have come off of 495 by accident or were absolutely starving? Ha, in any case, I hope you enjoyed it!

  8. Hi Rachel,

    We really enjoyed your pictures and post! We are at the cottage now and having a great time. I love the photograph "looking, looking out", awesome shot!! All the best to you two!

    Surfwind Rentals


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