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August, at last.

Thoughts from last night...

After three weeks of what felt like a grease fuelled, dehydrated, sunburnt and sweaty, sleep deprived, hurry here and hurry there fog... I am lounging on my deck with a book, a cup of tea, my journal and of course my dog with ab-so-lutely nothing to do but relax. How's that for an opening line? Home alone, no plans, no pants, no problem. I can just write, admire the trees blowing in the breeze, feel the warmth of the sun on my face and snap a few videos to make my friends jealous.
It's so wonderful I could cry.
My poor husband. He sits behind a drum kit yet again tonight for the kajillionth time this summer, longing for 2am when he'll be tucked in bed beside me - at least I hope - where he can finally feel what I am feeling right now. Relaxation. The rush is over relaxation.
It's the same every year. July is weddings, festivals, parades, beer tents and late nights. From one week to the next we're running all over the county to take it al…