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Personal Goals From Lists Gone By

I have set many personal goals for myself over the years; lots that are kept private and are a constant work in progress, and others that have been made public on this blog. For me, telling people I'm setting out to do something helps motivate me to do it. I guess it holds me accountable, and if anything, the thought of inspiring others is fun too. I can't say I've read every book I set out to read or tried every recipe I've pinned, and I'm yet to run a marathon or even properly train for one - but hey, I shoot for the stars and there's no wrong in that.

Let's recap...
In this post I take myself up on a Reading Challenge. It's a tall order, but I've stuck with it. I'm hopeful by the end of the year I will have read an impressive number of books and blow your socks off with a hefty book review. So far? Not nearly enough reads under my belt to brag about, but summer is coming (at least I hope) and I can bang off beach reads like no one else can.