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Summer 2014 - Bucket List

* Relax on the beach as often as possible. Pack a lunch, drink cold beers, listen to summer classics and soak up the sun. * Eat and drink on a patio whenever there is an option to do so. * Relax in a hammock.
* Try Sushi for the first time. * Go camping with my girlfriends. * Be a regular at our local Farmer's Market. * Make my own iced coffee. * Say yes to being outside, walking, exploring and relaxing with my feet up. On week days especially, I need to learn how to shake the tiredness I feel after work and remember that house work can wait... * Go on a spontaneous road trip with G, no real plan of where we're going or what we're going to do, but time to do it. * Play a game of soft ball.

* Take advantage of having a clothes line, get in the habit of hanging clothes out to dry. * Watch the sun come up. * Make a new friend. * Spend an afternoon skipping and playing hopscotch with my niece, and teaching the kiddies fun games I used to play outside. * Play a game of bea…