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Crunchy Baked Chickpeas

Chickpeas are packed with fibre and protein which will kick hunger in the butt, keep you feeling satisfied longer and help with weight loss. They also boost your energy because they're high in iron and they lower bad cholesterol levels. There are so many health benefits to eating chickpeas, so roast them to snack on, add them to salads and soups, and make them the star of a delicious party dip. Hummus doesn't have to be bland and boring, blend with roasted vegetables, garlic and spice, and enjoy the entire dish guilt free!

Rachel Emmilee

Progress Report: What am I doing to accomplish my goals?

New here? Check out this post where I admit my unhealthy habits have caught up to me. I set goals to become more active and made changes to my diet, sleeping patterns and attitude in general. I became tired of feeling tired, uninspired and out of shape so something had to be done. Being a healthier, happier person meant making changes and finally taking control.
So far in the exercise department...
We bought a treadmill and I've used it several times, once even reaching the 5K mark. I've also hit the dirt road a few times with G and a running group.I've been busting into squats daily and sometimes several times a day to tone my thighs and bum. In just a couple of weeks I honestly see a big difference! I complete upper body strengthening exercises a few times a week with 8-10lb weights targeting biceps, triceps, deltoids and traps.Because my job is to encourage and provide rehabilitation exercises, I decided to complete the exercises as well. (No brainer, right?) I've be…