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The Perfect Biscuit

If you have ever visited my family home, or any Cape Breton home for that matter, chances are you were offered a hot cup of tea and a fresh biscuit the moment you entered the kitchen. Biscuits and tea are like, a thing around here. Growing up we always had a fresh batch on the counter and absolutely nothing could beat one fresh from the oven with butter and molasses.
So the question is, can I make them? It only took the better part of a year and a big chunk of change to master it, but I did. In that process I learned that quick and easy is best way to go, and that once you find a recipe you like, stick to it. Beware of the old school biscuit makers who all swear by their recipe because your head will spin if you start asking for help. Some use a light pan, some use dark, some use shortening while others use butter. They may recommend using yogurt or milk, sour milk or butter milk, milk mixed with vinegar or just straight water. Some call for sugar, others say no sugar, some say salt …

50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

Now that I've decided to take living healthier and happier more seriously, it seems everywhere I look I'm finding more things that inspire me. A friend recently sent me a text with the following attachment and it has motivated me to make more simple but positive changes in my life. On top of the changes I've already made to my diet, sleeping and exercise routine, I plan to make a better effort in other aspects of my life as well. There is always room for improvement, like they always say. From this list, I plan to do the following... Try Meatless Monday - Put my phone away when with friends and family - Keep better track of my bank statements and pay stubs - Avoid buying one-time-only clothing - Avoid tanning beds - Make SPF makeup application a morning ritual - Avoid Google when needing medical advice - Floss more often - Read labels on everything - Stop being so hard on myself. Have a look at this list, where can you improve?

"It will catch up to you!"

A commonly used phrase in my house growing up... Always referring to me and the way I ate, and how no matter how much I ate and how little I exercised, I remained as skinny as a rake. When I would hear, "It will catch up to you," I'd roll my eyes like they were crazy and continue eating whatever it was that should have gone straight to my ass, but didn't.

Well, times sure have changed. Let's just say after a feast of comfort food, I can now feel every last bite travel to my ass and find housing in vacant fat cells. Lately, I'm guilty of unbuttoning my jeans so I can breathe after meals and I've been pushing my figure flattering clothes to the back of my closet. Looking in the mirror I can see I packed some extra junk in the trunk and despite this, I quickly (and happily) satisfy all cravings I get for salt or sugar. I feel tired. I feel uninspired. I feel stuck. My body isn't as forgiving as it once was, as I am 22 lbs over what I was in my early twent…