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I decided enough is enough. If cheesy dips, pasta, beer, loaded baked potatoes, extra sour cream and desserts are going to be in my life forever, I better leave some room for exercise. I buy the sneakers, I pin the running programs, I live in the country with endless dirt roads and beautiful walking trails and I have a great playlist on my iPod.

There is no excuse.

I've always wanted to be one of those people who go running before breakfast or on their lunch break. I want to come home from work with the desire to get outside and run. I want to train for something, I want to wear a number on my shirt, I want to challenge myself. I want to run a marathon and feel the high of crossing the finish line.

My problem? Constantly giving into the other option. Go for a run or meet friends for wings and a beer? Go for a run or waste my hour break on social media? Go for a run or sleep in? No matter what the other option is, it always sounds better.

Today was different.

I came home from work …

Although I have missed you all so much...

Yep, I couldn't have said it better myself. I took a much needed break from the normal everyday, but I'm back in full swing.

It's officially Spring and although I am excited that the days are getting longer and warmer, I find this time of year a bit stressful, do you? For one, I feel a lot of pressure to update my entire wardrobe with trendy, spring fashion. Secondly our lawn and gardens are a mess, our pool looks more like a swamp and there are a million projects staring me in the face each time I pull into our driveway. I have no idea where to start! Once inside, I'm faced with windows that need cleaning, trim that needs a second coat of paint, dust and fingerprints that I never noticed in the darkness of Winter. I swear I need to take a week long vacation to get ready for Summer!

With that being said I did start, and even completed a few home projects. Thanks to my one stop shop, Winners, I gave our bedroom a beautiful makeover, hung some new art and curtains thro…