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An Award - About Me... All wrapped up into one!

My Blog was mentioned as a must read inA Sparrow's Flight.  Being tagged in another Blog means the author enjoys your writing enough to share it with their readers. In this case, Joyful Sparrow has a whopping 200 followers that will see my name and link, which is a big deal! A Sparrow's Flightis a Blog that follows the life and love of a 20-something-Blogger who lives her life like a free bird. Her writing is very inspirational and she's a very talented photographer. Upon receipt of an award or tag you must follow instructions; share eleven unknown facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions asked of you, and spread the love!

I still catch myself saying and writing my old name, and I'm scared I'll never get comfortable with my new one. I feel weird saying the word 'husband'. I was a horrible math student, and still struggle with math. I have anxiety every morning upon waking up, wondering what people expect of me and questioning whether or not I can do it…

Family Feud Fail

Need a laugh?

(This video has been shared through YouTube)