Goodbye August...

All summer long, because of the intense heat upstairs, G and I slept in the guest room downstairs. Rarely with anything more than a sheet covering us and always with the window open, we'd fall asleep to the sounds of howling coyotes and thunder storms. In our upstairs bedroom we only have doors that lead to a deck and we lazy people never looked into putting screens on them to keep the bugs out, so instead, we'd move out in the summer so not to die with heat every single night. Maybe one of these years we'll get screens on those doors or better yet, and air conditioner.

This morning however, unlike the warm mornings we'd be having, I woke to the sound of rain against the window and a chill across my face. It was dark, the room was damp, and the breeze was not the summer breeze I welcomed in for the last few months. It was enough to push me out of bed because one thin sheet was no longer cutting it.

I began walking up the stairs with every intention of getting ready for work until I caught a glimpse of the perfectly made bed that had been vacant all summer long. It was big and white and fluffy and warm and I couldn't resist the temptation to jump in. I pulled the sheet, duvet and quilt up to my neck. as if I was coming in from the cold, as if I had the entire day to sleep away.

I set the bedside alarm for twenty-five minutes, because twenty-five minutes wouldn't hurt would it? Then, as I sank into the pillow-top mattress allowing the warm blankets to settle around me, it hit me that summer is coming to an end.

When did it hit you?

Rachel Emmilee

*The photo above is of a calm, romantic evening on the water in Port Hood. Just me and hubby, floating and watching for black fish. I admired his profile and held on tight as he drove us through the waves, and I felt the wind in my hair at top speed. It was the last beach night of 2013.*


  1. I was just thinking it's going to be time to put our a/c unit in the bedroom away. I'm sad about summer ending but there are some things to look forward to...a comfortable night's sleep being one of them :)

  2. I am counting down in sleeps until the winter. I am so excited!! :) I left you a nice long fat reply on your comment on my blog. I should have just mailed you but ah well... hope you are good xx

  3. When I had my baby! :) I waited all winter and spring to meet him!


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