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We welcomed a new furry friend into our home last week.
 She is black and white like OB and very pretty, I must say!
Her name is Tina, and she's a cat.

I am not a cat person, and everyone in my life would agree. I'm not as excited about having her like I would be if say, she was a dog... or a baby. *Cough* I just never, ever wanted a cat and I even think I'm allergic.
You're probably wondering, well then, why did you get a cat? To that I would say, we had a problem with mice. As in, I think we were the pests and the mice were the homeowners. Mice in the country is a given, but still, who wants to find french fries in their work boots and mice droppings in your closets and drawers? That happened.

We decided enough is enough, so we adopted Tina from G's Mom. She arrived with her litter box, toys, dishes and food. She seems to like her surroundings so far, she's not afraid of OB and she comes to cuddle when you call her name. She's fully grown, a few years old and totally over the scratching stage, thankfully. She is very clean too, and she's keeping her paws off valuable things and leather furniture... So I guess what I am saying is, she's pretty low maintenance. The good news is, she already caught a mouse! The bad news, she ate it and threw it up.

OB doesn't mind her being here. The odd time he'll chase her around the house and bark at her like she has no right to be breathing his air, in his house, on his couch. As you can see in the picture above, they are napping together so there is hope that they will become good buddies.

I thought our family was already purrfect, but Tina seems to be growing on me. 

Feel free to share any advice you may have on caring for a cat. I'm going to need it!

Rachel Emmilee


  1. I love kitttties! ;)

    Hope you are well lady! xxoo

  2. My lady! Cats are super fun once they grow on you. They're independent and they truly help with any bug/mice/rat problems. While I was growing up, we always had cat. In fact, J and I were going to get one when we moved to Philly. Our landlord was totally cool about cats. But I fell in love with our wooden floors, and I didn't want to clean cat hair off the floors everday :/

    1. She is growing me, for sure! She's a cute little thing and I really think she is controlling the mice population. I have to say, honestly, I haven't noticed cat hair on our furniture and floors like I thought I would. She's actually very clean! I am OCD on with cleaning anyway, so I probably don't even give the hair time to settle before I'm sucking it up... Get a kitty!

  3. She is adorable. Honestly, I am not a cat person but a year ago my parents found one in their back yard. We tried to find his owner but nobody claimed him. The vet said he was between 8-10 years old and I knew if we brought him to a shelter he would be probably die in there. I couldn't bare that so I took him in and honestly, he is the sweetest thing ever. I still don't consider myself a cat person but they really are great. You are going to end up adoring Tina!

  4. Oh she is cute! I'm more a cat person than a dog person, so I have the opposite problem. I'm glad she's fitting in so well. I have a bias towards adopting only kittens so that I can be sure they acclimate to my personality well...selfish I know! Our kitten has got a mouser personality and they tend to be the most fun, cuddly, and loyal cats. But any hunter is going to leave you unfun presents from time to time! Also, if you need to train her to stay off of any specific counters, one tip that works fairly well is edging that counter in double sided tape; cats don't like the sticky feeling when they jump onto it. But seriously, if you ever have any questions, let me know!

  5. So cute. My advice? They kill those little mousies and then want you to be proud. So they will bring them to you. My little mouser kitty was so proud of herself she laid one on my pillow for me when I went to bed. Needless to say, she understood I was not 'proud screaming'. Lol so sleep with the bedroom door shut is my advice ;) Cats are fun because they're low maintanance..but I agree, I'd rather have a dog.


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