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I Said YES To The Dress! - A Winchester's Bridal Review

Despite reading some negative reviews, I went to Winchester's Bridal (Halifax, NS) with an open mind, hoping to find my Wedding dress. I had an absolutely amazing experience. The service was outstanding and the selection was amazing!

For the first time in a long time, I was in Halifax with my own agenda. I had only myself to worry about, but I was looking forward to spending some time with my parents who were also visiting the city. I had no intentions of buying my dress without my sister present, but didn't think a little browsing would hurt, so we decided to sneak into my very first Bridal Boutique. Little did I know, I would find my dress at the first place I visited...

I was greeted by a lovely gal who immediately showed excitement for me knowing this experience would be treasured forever. I actually became emotional right away, walking in and seeing all the beautiful gowns, knowing that I was actually looking for my very own Wedding dress. The lady was very pleasant, asked lots of questions, and was eager to point me in the right direction. After tagging dresses that caught my eye, I was paired up with another lady, Maureen, who had over 20 years experience. She was very passionate about her job and you could tell. Within the privacy of the dressing room, our conversation was comforting and very heart warming. I was emotional and very excited to be there, and she was so patient, having all the time in the world for me. Outside in the showroom when modelling each dress, she was very honest, which made making decisions much easier. She had respect for my Mom and Dad by listening to their opinions, sharing ideas with them and keeping her attention on us without being distracted by other shoppers. My parents were so impressed with her expertise and the undivided attention she gave us. The first few dresses I tried were the kind that I was going for, simple and light weight. As beautiful as they were, they weren't giving me the WOW factor I was looking for. My Mom insisted that I try on a dress for her as she pulled a gold gown from the rack, but I immediately scowled at it. It was very busy and a lot bigger than what I was wanting...

The lady convinced me that I should try it on just to count it out, to make my Mom happy. So I did, and to my surprise, as she was lacing up the back of the dress, I couldn't hold back the tears.

Maureen said she had been waiting for that reaction, as I tired to hold back a nervous laugh and streaming tears. I knew, this was it. This was the dress I would get married in.

I walked out to the show room and my parents had the same reaction; both started crying and insisted that it was the one. I had to agree! I felt so beautiful and elegant. I thought it would be heavy and uncomfortable, but it felt like it was painted on my body. It felt like it was made for me!

I said YES to the dress and stood in the mirror teary eyed as both ladies completed my look with a gorgeous hair piece and chandelier earrings. 
They had ideas that brought my Wedding theme to life, and made me even more excited for my big day. I could not be more grateful, and look forward to seeing them again for my first fitting!

Thanks ladies!

Rach XO


  1. & a very very gorgeous dress it is!!! *swoon*



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