"Ooga Ooga Mooska...

Ooga ooga mooska, which means that I love you,
If you'll be my baby, I'll ooga ooga mooska you!
Then I take her hand in mine...
And set her on my knee...
The squaws along the Yukon are good enough for me!
She makes her underwear from hides of grizzly bear,
And bathes in ice cold water every day!
Her skin I love to touch,
But I just can't touch it much,
Because her fur lined parka's in the way!

I'll forever be singing the silly songs you taught us, remembering your smile, the stories you told, and all the laughter we shared together. You are finally reunited with Papa, Christine and all of our beautiful Angels in Heaven. We were blessed to have you as our Nanny, and now we are blessed to have you as our Angel.

Rest in peace, Nanny Walker.


  1. Aw! I lost my grandfather this past June. I wasn't in Turkey to say goodbye to him :(

  2. Sorry to hear this news love - stay strong and remember the good times :) thinking of you.


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