Happy Birthday To Me!

It was my Birthday yesterday, I turned 25! I woke up in the morning to a Birthday kiss and the Happy Birthday Song performed by G as OB's paws, with a little help, orchestrated the whole bit. I didn't want to get out of bed, I would have loved to remain in the spooning position with my two favorite boys all day long. Unfortunately, duty calls. On my way to work I stopped at my Mom and Dad's where my sister and her always adorable children were visiting. Coffee, their smiling faces and warm hugs had me off to a good start...

I couldn't help but think of this time last year when my Birthday surprise was a proposal. What Birthday will ever top that one? I know one thing, the memory alone of such an amazing night will make every Birthday a happy one.

Throughout the day I logged onto Facebook and Twitter to find lots and lots of Birthday wishes. How awesome is that? 364 days of the year I complain about Facebook but 1 day and 104 notifications later, Facebook is pretty awesome.

Mel, this video really did put my day over the top. You know me too well!

And what you are about to see, yes, this actually happened!

From my Twitter BF, Chef Roger Mooking! You may know Roger from the shows Heat Seakers, Everyday Exotic, or Iron Chef to name a few. A-mazing.

My Boss treated me to lunch and made every visitor aware that it was my Birthday, it made for a very happy day in the office. For dinner, Dad fired up the BBQ for some T-bones and my Mom and sister had all the fixings ready including a delish cake for dessert. My family rocks! Finally home, G and I had some laughs as we watched each other drown in our own saliva while attempting to use Crest Whitening Strips for a whole 30 minutes. TMI? (What a horrible experience, there is NO WAY people can wear them in public or on their commute to work. Lies! False advertising!) We tucked in bed, watched a movie, had some OB cuddles and chatted about the weeks to come... Less than a month until we we say I do!
A wonderful day. I am blessed.

Rachel Emmilee



  1. Happy belated Birthday girly!!! It sounded like a good one! You have some amazing people in your life. :)

    Lol about the whitening strips!

  2. Happy birthday! I think one of my favorite things about Facebook is the fact that now everyone remembers to wish me a happy birthday, too.

  3. Happy Belated!!!! From the sounds of it your family made sure it was an amazing day!!! Glad to hear!!!

  4. Sounds like you had an AMAZING DAY! I am always jealous of people who get special treatment on their Bday, it must mean they are way more awesome than me! :) I'm still waiting for someone to bake me a cake and cook me BBQ on my day! ;P

    25 has been wonderful to me so far, I am sure you will love it too!

    Have a great day pretty lady!

  5. @Will, yes, amazing people indeed :) HUGE LOLZ @ the whitening strips, what a joke!

    @Nikiana, THANKS :)

    @Fawn, thanks sweety!

    @Ryan, it was an amazing day! Are you saying you don't get the gold treatment on your BDAY? NOT FUN. Next time around make sure you get some extra lovin', it's a very special day. THANK YOU :)

  6. Happy belated! Sounds like an amazing time. Also, had to say that I'm jealous you live on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere- I was raised in a similar area and I MISS IT SO MUCH.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I'm just getting around to this now!! Sounds like it was a wonderful day :)

  8. OH MAN... how did I miss this?! BAD BLOGGER FRIEND. Glad you had an AWESOME time... :) (Loving our instagram friendliness!!!) Love Elle xo


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