August, at last.


Thoughts from last night...

After three weeks of what felt like a grease fuelled, dehydrated, sunburnt and sweaty, sleep deprived, hurry here and hurry there fog... I am lounging on my deck with a book, a cup of tea, my journal and of course my dog with ab-so-lutely nothing to do but relax. How's that for an opening line? Home alone, no plans, no pants, no problem. I can just write, admire the trees blowing in the breeze, feel the warmth of the sun on my face and snap a few videos to make my friends jealous.

It's so wonderful I could cry.

My poor husband. He sits behind a drum kit yet again tonight for the kajillionth time this summer, longing for 2am when he'll be tucked in bed beside me - at least I hope - where he can finally feel what I am feeling right now. Relaxation. The rush is over relaxation. 

It's the same every year. July is weddings, festivals, parades, beer tents and late nights. From one week to the next we're running all over the county to take it all in and see our friends and family who make this their one and only visit home all year. There is a lot of pressure to show up... But I'm only home for a few days! I never see you! You only live once... And while it's all a just a ball of fun, we are by no means on vacation for the entire month of July. For G, on top of his demanding days at the office, it means hauling equipment, setting up and tearing down gear from one night to the next, live shows with the band, getting in at 3am and waking up to a million texts to hurry up and go again. For me, it's squeezing it all in around eight hour work days while trying to maintain our makeshift B&B for guests that come and go. It wears on you! I can't pretend it's not getting harder every year to keep up, or that when it's all said and done I don't hit a brick wall. I'm not as young as I once was and my priorities are changing... I don't do well when I go days without eating a vegetable or nights without sleep, or weeks without me time...

... But alas, memories were made and it's truly lovely seeing old friends. I love catching up with everyone, laughing and dancing and crushing cold beers straight from a cooler of ice when it's five o'clock somewhere... and those 4am Greco subs really were delicious... at the time... But man, am I happy it's August!
How is your summer going?

Rachel Emmilee

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