My List of Awesome

  • Looking through your basket of Tasimo discs for a coffee and just when you think you're all out, you flip a disc right side up and there it is. One last coffee.
  • When you eye an item in the grocery store you needed but forgot to put on your list.
  • Crawling into a perfectly made bed with sheets fresh from the dyer.
  • When your new Scentsy bars arrive in the mail.
  • When you open the dishwasher to empty it but someone got there first.
  • When you finish a book but enjoyed it so much that you flip back through the last few pages to make sure you didn't miss anything.
  • The day after you house clean when you can sit and relax and not feel overwhelmed with things that need to be done.
  • The few minutes in the morning when you can quietly admire the person sleeping next to you  before they wake up.
  • Being handed a cup of coffee just the way you like it, without even having to ask. 
  • ... Or being handed that cup of coffee before you can even get out of bed.
  • ... Or enjoying that cup of coffee in bed.
  • The feeling you get after you rearrange the furniture and décor in a room and like the new arrangement more than the old. 
  • Waking up knowing it's pay day.
  • When you get a notification from your eLibrary telling you the book you've been waiting to read is finally available for you to borrow.
  • The taste of a cold beer after you've worked hard outside.
  • ... Or the taste of a cold beer, period.
  • When you realize you have hours of your favorite TV shows recorded on your PVR. 
  • When your employer thanks you and tells you you're doing a good job.  


  1. Nice list! I got a Tassimo for my birthday, any flavours you'd recommend?

    1. It's so great. Do people even brew a pot of coffee in the mornings anymore!? We do on weekends when we are kicking around the house, but not on busy mornings... My favorite coffee happens to be the best buy of them all, PC The Great Canadian... I also love the caramel macchiato now and then for a treat!

  2. The day after you finish cleaning is the best! Great list :)


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