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Married only two years and already having a problem in the bedroom...

In the early years of our relationship we always had a television in our bedroom. Together we either lived in a noisy city or a shared home, so the television not only drowned out unwanted noise, but more importantly (although I find it hard to understand) it helped G fall asleep. All of his life he had a television in his room and to this day he insists that listening to it distracts him from his busy mind and puts him to sleep. In those days, convinced there was no changing this weird lifelong habit of his, I learned to live with the noise and flashing lights in the wee hours of the night...

Then a couple of years ago I realized I needed to nip this issue in the bud. Not only was it beginning to drive me insane, but a television in the bedroom has proven to have negative affects on a marriage and I wanted no part of that. And so, I took matters into my own hands when we were given a fresh start in a new home by setting up our room without a television, making it as cozy and relaxing as possible. My hope was that a new space would mean new ways and believe it or not, it worked...

For an entire year our bedroom was a peaceful hideaway for sleeping, relaxing and of course the obvious. Like it should be, it was a quiet space where we were forced to pay attention to only each other and focus on rest. The sound of silence was beyond relaxing. The crickets, the thunder and rain, the howling animals in the distance... Who needs nature music when you live in the country? I finally got what I wanted and the surprising part of it all? G managed just fine. We could never, ever go back to the way things were...

Then one lazy Saturday morning, this idiot decided it would be fun to hook up the television for a one-day-only movie marathon in bed. Now fast forward a year... The damn television is still perched on top of our dresser and depriving me of a good night sleep! What was I thinking? I mean, who gives a recovering alcoholic a beer? He's right back to his old ways and I only have myself to blame!

In his defense it's not always on and it doesn't take away from the obvious... yet. But it sure does take away from my beauty sleep, and that's not going to fly with me much longer! It never fails that I'm waiting until he's snoring before I can turn everything off and finally relax. I feel I have tried everything. I have asked to have it removed from the room and I have preached that if he went without it before he can do it again. I've even threatened to remove it without warning, but knew that would only result in me dragging him off the couch every single night. I have tried ear plugs, and an eye mask and even a power off timer but nothing seems to work.

Can you offer any advice?


  1. Just tell him no. You did without it once - you can do it again. Keep in mind this comes from someone who HAAAATES the idea of a television being in the bedroom that two people share.

  2. I know, I know! It's SO BAD... I'm trying to convince him he doesn't need it but I'm not getting anywhere. And, I feel if I just remove it without warning it will piss him off and he'll get back at me by sleeping on the couch... Ugh.

  3. Withhold "the obvious" to make your point? :) Just go on and on about how tired you are from the TV keeping you awake - it'll be out of the room in no time!


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