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"It will catch up to you!"

A commonly used phrase in my house growing up... Always referring to me and the way I ate, and how no matter how much I ate and how little I exercised, I remained as skinny as a rake. When I would hear, "It will catch up to you," I'd roll my eyes like they were crazy and continue eating whatever it was that should have gone straight to my ass, but didn't.

Well, times sure have changed. Let's just say after a feast of comfort food, I can now feel every last bite travel to my ass and find housing in vacant fat cells. Lately, I'm guilty of unbuttoning my jeans so I can breathe after meals and I've been pushing my figure flattering clothes to the back of my closet. Looking in the mirror I can see I packed some extra junk in the trunk and despite this, I quickly (and happily) satisfy all cravings I get for salt or sugar. I feel tired. I feel uninspired. I feel stuck. My body isn't as forgiving as it once was, as I am 22 lbs over what I was in my early twenties. There's no denying my unhealthy habits have finally caught up to me... 

Aside from the number on the scale, I know my mood, energy and appearance has suffered the effects of unhealthy eating. I'm no longer the skinny chick who can eat whatever she wants and not gain. I've reached a point where I know I must make changes if I want to eliminate feelings of self hate and prevent it from ever coming back. So, I faced some harsh realities and re-evaluated my lifestyle to find where I can improve... The conclusion? I can improve everywhere. 

Goals include...
  • Feel energized, awake, healthy, beautiful and strong by fueling my body with healthy foods.
  • Sleep longer, deeper and more sound with less distractions.
  • Be fit during my (future) pregnancies and when I become a Mother. 
  • Read labels to know what I am eating isn't harmful to my body.
  • When I can, choose organic. 
  • Toss chemical loaded creams, rubs and products that promise to do only what health foods can do.
  • Set a good example and be an inspiration to other women.
  • Drink more water.
  • Never drink sugar loaded soft drinks.
  • Run the 5K Sole Sister Race.
  • Limit (not eliminate) comfort foods, coffee and other guilty pleasures.
To reach those goals...
  • I have watched two food documentaries I had been avoiding for fear of being disturbed. With a whole new understanding of the food industry and the scary, scary truths about what we eat, I cleaned out our fridge and pantry to start fresh. 
  • I modified our grocery list to include the healthiest options and we stocked up on fresh, nutritious foods that I feel really good about. 
  • I bookmarked several fitness Blogs that have endless resources, recipes and tips that will help me on my journey. I've spent hours skimming the archives and already tried several recipes and exercises that I've had success with.
  • I recently completed a FOODSAFE course that discussed preventative methods to avoid cross contamination, food intoxication and illness. I also learned the proper cooling, heating and storing temperatures for food and other red flags to watch for in the kitchen.
  • I made a promise to myself to avoid Soda at all costs.
  • I installed the Couch to 5K and Nike Training Club app on my phone.
  • I actually registered for the 5K Sole Sister Race... No turning back now!
Something feels different this time. I choose health, happiness and being in control of my body. I'm tired of complaining about my lack of ambition and I'm tired of feeling run down. I finally feel 100% committed to achieving my goals. 

Have you struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle? What keeps you goal focused?
Rachel Emmilee


  1. I hear you here! I made some big changes to my life and done it relatively slowly so that they are a habit and a way of life rather than a project. I feel healthier than I did but I cant have many snacks as the weight just creeps back on. I cant wait for the spring and summer to get out there in the fresh air more, this winter has had a bad effect on my overall fitness.... keep going!

    1. The warm weather will be a HUGE help in keeping us all on the right track. I can't freaking wait for this snow to melt!

  2. Sounds like you're on the right track for sure! Having the Sole Sisters race to look forward to will keep you motivated. Pinterest has been a godsend in terms of finding healthier dinner options and snacks. And you will feel soooo much better without pop. I have it maybe twice a year now, at the movies - I used to drink Diet Coke every day. I am convinced it's one of the worst things you can consume! Good luck with your goals!

    1. POP... I am so done with pop!
      As for the Sole Sister race, I am excited. I've never registered for a race before so I've never trained for anything, and it feels so good to have that goal SET. Are you registered for any fun runs this year? I hope to take part in more this summer, but plan to get this one out of the way first...

    2. I might be doing a MEC run in April (10k) and then the Bluenose in May (hooopefully the half). Hubby wants us to do the mud hero and/or the Spartan race in the summer too! Sole Sister is a good one, I think. I've never done it but my understanding is it's super fun and laid back.

  3. I love this post!!! I'm in the same boat currently and I have a Caribbean vacation coming up in June. All my unhealthy decisions are definitely catching up!!! Good luck, girl!

    1. Oh, having a trip booked is all the motivation you need! THINK BEACH! :) Thanks for popping by, enjoy your trip!

  4. You make a good point, definitely do have a lot of bad habits.
    I was also recommended by my doctor to start taking Vitamin D supplements every day. Sometimes it seems to help with keeping a positive outlook, which in turn helps with making some of these changes.

    1. I've heard that D-Drops are awesome for lifting your spirits and giving you that feel good feeling that only sunshine can give. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Taking a daily multivitamin makes a massive difference.. It takes a few months but one day you'll look down and think "holy crap my nails look fantastic," not to mention they help you stay healthy!
    I spend a lot of time googling healthier versions of my favorite foods. I can make baked "faux-fried" chicken wings like nobody else, not to mention my vegan chocolate cake. This year I started doing vegetarian once a week, which has definitely opened my eyes to a bunch of tasty new foods that I might not otherwise have tried (sweet potato everything!)
    Good luck with your goals :)

    1. Thanks so much. So far, so good. I think doing vegetarian once a week is a great idea - I'll try to make a habit of that also.
      Please share your recipes - vegan chocolate cake and faux-fried chicken wings... Yum!

  6. This is all very true and on point :) I had the moment of knowing I needed to change and adjust about two years ago and since then my energy level, mood and drive has changed for the better! The food industry is such a scary thing and we really need to make ourselves for aware because much of the things we are putting in our bodies should never BE in our bodies.

    1. Thank you for your comment! It was a rude awakening for sure!

  7. The same thing happened to me, seemingly overnight. I had some problems with my kidneys shortly after - a genetic thing, not related to the unhealthy lifestyle - and the doctors put me on an uber strict healthy diet. It gets easier after a couple of months when your body gets used to it, you come to the point where the stuff you used to eat, the bad stuff becomes really unappetising to the point where you really don't want to eat it. I've never been able to addict myself to exercise though. The only way I've found to motivate myself to excercise consistently is to join a sports team or a club so that there are a bunch of people expecting me to show up at a set time and place and who'll call me up and ask what's happened if I'm not there.

  8. Bad habits really do catch up with us.. Certainly when in our mid 20s I have found! I'm trying to shift some pounds at the moment and become a healthier and more energetic me! Cayenne pepper and multivitamins are fab :)


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