50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have

Now that I've decided to take living healthier and happier more seriously, it seems everywhere I look I'm finding more things that inspire me. A friend recently sent me a text with the following attachment and it has motivated me to make more simple but positive changes in my life.
On top of the changes I've already made to my diet, sleeping and exercise routine, I plan to make a better effort in other aspects of my life as well. There is always room for improvement, like they always say. From this list, I plan to do the following...
 Try Meatless Monday - Put my phone away when with friends and family - Keep better track of my bank statements and pay stubs - Avoid buying one-time-only clothing - Avoid tanning beds - Make SPF makeup application a morning ritual - Avoid Google when needing medical advice - Floss more often - Read labels on everything - Stop being so hard on myself.
Have a look at this list, where can you improve?


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