Home Improvement: Getting Started...

Our house is thirty years old and since we've moved in almost three years ago, we've consistently picked away at the outdated details. Some rooms got a paint job while others got new flooring and all the light fixtures were replaced, but no room got a complete makeover. Apparently the unseen details like the heating system, ceptic system and insulation are more important than matching color schemes and modern décor. Psh! Who says? 
I have a long list of things I want to change around here, and they are all big projects. Projects that take time and patience, which I don't always have when it comes to home improvements. I've pinned, I've researched, I've talked to the pros and I've kept our local hardware store in business... Finally, it's time!
1st Project:
- Painting the foyer walls
- Priming and painting the foyer door and trim.
- Refinishing ceramic tile flooring which includes sanding, TSP washing, 2 X priming with an oil based strong adhesive, 2X painting with a semi-gloss top coat and 2X sealing with a water based urethane.
... Preparing the surfaces are the hardest part. We've been working hard since midweek and nothing says progress like strained hamstrings, a sore back, callused palms and a messy house. Thankfully I'm so high off paint fumes I couldn't care any less. 
Wish me luck!

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