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I decided enough is enough. If cheesy dips, pasta, beer, loaded baked potatoes, extra sour cream and desserts are going to be in my life forever, I better leave some room for exercise. I buy the sneakers, I pin the running programs, I live in the country with endless dirt roads and beautiful walking trails and I have a great playlist on my iPod.

There is no excuse.

I've always wanted to be one of those people who go running before breakfast or on their lunch break. I want to come home from work with the desire to get outside and run. I want to train for something, I want to wear a number on my shirt, I want to challenge myself. I want to run a marathon and feel the high of crossing the finish line.

My problem? Constantly giving into the other option. Go for a run or meet friends for wings and a beer? Go for a run or waste my hour break on social media? Go for a run or sleep in? No matter what the other option is, it always sounds better.

Today was different.

I came home from work and didn't so much look in the direction of my living room. I didn't look at the couch with the blanket resting just how I left it, or at the iPhone charger I so desperately needed, or the remote, the dishes that needed to be put in the dishwasher, or even my animals. Nope. G and I changed into sweats and sneakers and despite the rain, kept right back outside to the truck. We went to that beautiful walking trail and we ran, dammit we ran! Although G could have ran the entire 5K without a break, he stuck by my side and pushed me to complete one minute of running and one minute of walking for thirty minutes. Shut up, it's a start. I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday!

My stomach was in knots the whole time. I was dizzy. I had a muscle spasm. My ass hurts. My legs are restless and the heat from the laptop is soothing the deep ache in my quads. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but I'm already super excited for my second run. I feel great, like I accomplished something huge.


Rachel Emmilee


  1. I totally get you. Today at work I thought up a big list of things to do including work out and then when I got home I just sat down and fell asleep. Must avoid temptation!

  2. Great job! I was in your boat a little over a year ago. I would have rather done anything else but exercise, but I always had the nagging voice saying I should be running. The initial push has to come from determination and drive to get out there and push your body. I'm not going to lie, there are times my body was ready to give up and go back to a sedentary lifestyle. But after that hump, your body starts to crave it. Now, if I got more than two days without exercising, my body starts whining. I'm happy to oblige to it now :-)

  3. I totally get this! I'm going to the gym so I'm not struggling to lose weight after I give birth. Seriously, it's the biggest motivation I've got going right now...

  4. That's awesome!! Good for you! It's smart to start off slowly - alternating running and walking is perfect otherwise you can get injured or just try to do too much, too fast. Eventually you'll be ADDICTED!

  5. GET IT GIRL, that's how I started too - I had no desire and suddenly, one day, I just...started. And never stopped. And it never felt anything but great.

  6. So happy to have found your blog today and for this specific post! I just started running as well! And in May, I ran my first 5k. I'm not signed up to run a 10k in September (ummm EEEK!). I'm terrified but that's all part of it I guess. Anyways, I've had a lot of things running through my brain which you write about here and after 10 years of shunning exercise like it had chicken pox, I've found to embrace it and love it and find a little bit of a person I use to be before body image and all the stuff of life got in the way. In case you're interested, I wrote about my first 5k and the process of starting running here:

    All the best and can't wait to follow along here!


  7. Be proud of yourself girl! You were awesome. Anything is better than nothing at all. Baby steps are important, especially when it comes to running. People often think you should just "hit the ground running" (no pun intended) but conditioning your body for that kind of activity is best done gradually.


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