G had already left for the day so my personal alarm was disabled. In other words, when he's not there to wake me, I sleep in. It was my own fault that when I finally got up, I had no choice but to rush from washroom to washroom and closet to laundry room to get ready for work.  I stood in the mirror and quickly got ready, applying some bright red lipstick in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. I  then pulled on some cute animal print tights, slipped into my heels and felt especially pretty and ready to start the day.
Without breakfast, coffee or a packed lunch I was out the door and regretting that I hadn't given myself more time to get ready. I hate feeling so rushed. I put the car in reverse, both hands on the steering wheel and just as I was about to pull away, I realized I left my rings on the night stand! On Valentine's Day of all days, I was not going to work without my engagement and wedding rings. I turned the car off and ran back into the house, scurried upstairs to the bedroom, grabbed my rings, and turned right back around.  But wait, in the corner of my eye, I notice a pink envelope sitting on the dresser. I stopped dead in my tracks and for a quick moment, the racing of my heart stopped, and even my dog stopped to watch me open the envelope. 
I stood in awe reading the sweetest message written on the bottom of a card that I swear was made just for me. Then I read it again, and then again. Sometimes cards really get it right, don’t they? With the panic to get out the door on hold, I sat down and called G to thank him for such a lovely surprise. 
I was almost late for work, but so grateful that I slowed down long enough to smell the roses. It was a great start to our first Valentine's day as husband and wife!

"If you're always rushing to the next moment, what happens to the one you're in?"
Happy Valentine's Day!
Rachel Emmilee

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  1. It is so easy to miss it. I think that's why I get drunk on minutes and nights and the presence of others.

  2. Aw! We swore we wouldn't do anything for vday. Then...J called out of work, I already had off, and we decided to go out to eat. :) xoxo

  3. Too sweet! There's nothing like getting the exact right message at the exact right moment.

  4. That's too cute! Looks like you found a keeper! Just found your blog through 20sb and I'm following now!

    Driftwood and Daydreams


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