LIEBSTER - To Be Continued...

What is better than getting an award?...

... TWO awards, duh!

You read that right guys and gals, I'm just that popular. Two awards were given to me this week from two lovely Bloggers and I couldn't be happier! Brandi from No Map Provided and Brittany from Delightfully Awkward Brit both read and enjoy my Blog enough to recommend it to their readers. *YAY* Brandi is new to my Blogging circle, she's a 20 something who like me, writes about everything and anything her little heart desires. Brittany is also a 20 something lifestyle Blogger, a Southern sweet heart and the wife of a veteran. Both of these ladies are great writers, I highly recommend you check them out!

The Liebster Award meaning, "dearest" or, "beloved" is an award given to Bloggers with 200 followers or less to build recognition and show support. This award helps people like me grow in the Blogging community, it opens doors to new readers and helps in the overall success of your Blog. This isn't my first time receiving an award for my writing, and I hope it's not my last. Thank you Brandi and Brittany!

To accept the award you must share 11 unknown facts about yourself, answer 11 questions asked of you (coming soon!) and pass it on to other deserving Bloggers. Don't forget to make honorable mention of the sweet, sweet person who nominated YOU because after all, this is all about spreading the love. 

GUESS WHAT? I very recently wrote a post with random facts about me. If you'd like to learn more about me, click here.

Here are some members of my Blogging family. There are so many wonderful Bloggers out there, it's really hard to just mention a few! I insist you visit these Blogs and encourage you to follow, you won't be disappointed!

Bree @ Simply Girly
Nagehan @ Nagehan Bayindir
Cassie @ Witty Title Here

Rachel Emmilee


  1. You're the sweetest! It was very nice to come home to this. I mean, seriously. After the kind of week I had, I think this award makes me want to open up a bottle of wine and have fun ;) xoxo

  2. Awww Rachel, thank you! I really appreciate you bein' all lovely and making my day. What Nagehan said-- where's the wine?!

  3. Yeah, before reading this post I too had selected you as one of my recipients of The Liebster award. Cheers anyway!


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