... october, november and december are romantic months... it gets dark by 6pm, giving you a good excuse to cuddle up under blankets with a hot cup of something yummy... i am loving tassimo caramel macchiatto lattes more than anyone should... i am loving that it's sweater, legging and boot season... i love that this weekend i go shopping with my friend in halifax... i love that my stuffed up husband hoped that giving me five kisses would win me five days off to spend with him at home... but i love that i didn't catch his cold... i love netflix... lost marathons in bed... chocolate milk... i love my sunday night dates with walking dead people and wednesday night rose ceremonies with the canadian bachelor... i love the pvr... i love snooki because she was the cutest pregnant girl ever and by far the most entertaining part of jersey shore... i love leftover wedding wine... i love coming home to handymen who are working hard to make our house as safe and sound as it could possibly be... i am loving cottage cheese... mashed potatoes and cottage cheese is the bomb... i also love grilled cheese sandwiches and eat one almost everyday... i love dips, but that's no surprise to anyone... online shopping, need i say more?... i loving my new $5 blue slippers, grandma style but so comfy... i am in love with our sweet little ob and how much he loves us... i love g for the sweet things he says and does and how he cares so much for our little family and our future... i love my blogging friends and all their sweet comments and encouraging words... i love my family and our angel and i love that she appeared in my dreams last night...

Rachel Emmilee

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  1. Such a positive post! It's really the little things that make life the best, isn't it? :)


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