QT with my BFFs

September 2nd, 2012.

Although I wasn't looking forward to seeing them all go, I was excited to host a party for all of my friends that are leaving to take on new adventures. Some are going back to school, others are moving across the Country. We spent the day just being us; having the odd dance party in the kitchen, reading raunchy magazine entries, catching up after a busy summer and drinking cocktails. We swam in the pool and ate dinner around the table like the family that we are. Reality TV, chips and dip and a game of Never Have I Ever with some french braid making completed our evening. I can't forget, seeing a little twin bed sleep three drunk girls was the highlight for me. Just like old times!

Girls... Words can't define the meaning of our friendship. I love you all so much, for so many reasons, in so many ways. We've stuck together since the very beginning and saw each other through so much. As the summer comes to an end, the books open and the frequent visits home stop, we need to remember the many ways we can stay connected. We're getting older and although our lives are going in different directions with cross country moves, serious relationships, husbands, houses, new cars and careers... We will always have a special bond that will keep us together as best friends. When the future we talk about becomes the present, when we're "settled down" with our lives planned out, kids, stretch marks and minivans... We'll still be the girls, I just know it.

From the married one, the one that is staying put and watching you all go... Good luck in all your new adventures, in your new places and spaces. You are all talented, strong, and beautiful beyond words... You will leave a colorful mark on this world, and  I am so proud to be your friend!


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  1. aw this is really sweet. and made me miss my girls at home. x Precious


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