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My Blog was mentioned as a must read in A Sparrow's Flight.  Being tagged in another Blog means the author enjoys your writing enough to share it with their readers. In this case, Joyful Sparrow has a whopping 200 followers that will see my name and link, which is a big deal! A Sparrow's Flight is a Blog that follows the life and love of a 20-something-Blogger who lives her life like a free bird. Her writing is very inspirational and she's a very talented photographer. Upon receipt of an award or tag you must follow instructions; share eleven unknown facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions asked of you, and spread the love! 

I still catch myself saying and writing my old name, and I'm scared I'll never get comfortable with my new one.
I feel weird saying the word 'husband'.
I was a horrible math student, and still struggle with math.
I have anxiety every morning upon waking up, wondering what people expect of me and questioning whether or not I can do it.
I have no idea what color I want my hair to be. It's been every color and I loved every look.
I've never been more happy than when he asked me to marry him, I replay the moment in my head over and over.
I think the quotes from Winnie the Pooh are very deep and they always trigger happy emotions.
I don't like cooked carrots.
I have never splurged on expensive makeup or clothing.
I don't own a single pair of designer shades, shoes or even a designer purse.
I would love to be able to rock a colorful sleeve of tattoos.

1. What song describes me best?  Although, I think the grass on my side is also very green... :)

2. What is the best part about where I live? The peace and quiet that it brings. The beach, the dirt roads, mountains and nature everywhere you look. No stop lights, no fast food chains, no movie theaters or shopping malls or traffic jams. Sounds rough doesn't it? It's actually quite nice!

3. If I could live anywhere, where would it be? I wouldn't change anything. But if I were a single gal starting over, I'd move to NYC.

4. My perfect day would include a good cuddle session with hubby and puppy, a hot cup of coffee, a fall-in-love-again movie, an encouraging chat with my parents. Having no housework to do, riding shotgun on a scenic drive with G listening to 'our' songs, being outside in the fresh October air. Then, an amazing meal with fine wine, a bubble bath with candles and soft music, a warm cup of tea, a comfy pair of pj's and a freshly made bed to crawl into when the day is done.

5. What am I looking forward to? Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. I love baking, being crafty and decorating our home. I'm also looking forward to some winter home renovation projects!

6. If money were no obstacle, what would I do with my time? I'd live like a desperate housewife, without the horrible attitude and plastic surgery. Yep, I admit, if I didn't have to work I'd just pamper myself all day, make our home beautiful and cook amazing meals for me and my hubby.

7. What is my favourite article of clothing in my closet? Besides my Wedding dress and an old sweater my sister used to wear, I would toss EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing I have and start new in a heart beat. My closet needs to be brought to life!

8. In an hour I will be cleaning my house. Oh joy!

9. What countries have I visited, and which was my favorite? Our honeymoon in the US was fabulous, going to Mexico with friends was a blast, but being in Cuba alone together for a week was romantic and very memorable. That would have to be our best adventure so far!

10. Where do I see myself in 20 years? Healthy, happily married with children, mortgage free with lots of happy memories!

11. What am I currently reading? That book... You know, that book that has everyone talking and... making babies?

Now, I'd like to introduce you to Amy who writes Rainy Saturday, Ryan who writes This Must Be The Place and Nagehan who writes as Nagehan Bayindir. Ladies, my questions for you are the same. Keep doing what you're doing, your writing continues to inspire me and provide me with a feeling of community in this strange thing we call a Blogosphere. Tag, you're it!

Rachel Emmilee


  1. I was always terrible at math, too. I avoid it at all costs.

    Hope you're having fun cleaning!

  2. I've been married almost two years and I still occasionally revert to my maiden name! It's hard to break the habit. What makes you hate the word "husband"? I'm just wondering. I like that's "hubby" that I can't stand!
    And does anyone like cooked carrots??

  3. Love the non materialism! And a tattoo sleeve would be pretty sweet. I don't even have the guts to get a small tattoo yet lol

  4. You are the sweetest! This made me smile and warmed my heart :) xo

  5. I loveee that song by Ingrid Michaelson, I had completely forgotten about it. I, too, think Winnie the Pooh is the wisest :)


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