Part 3 - Dum Dum De Dum... All dressed in gold...

June 30th 2012

I forgot to mention that the sky was dark and everyone was anticipating a down pour all morning. I on the other hand, was not surprised that as my Dad drove my Mother and I to the Church, the blue sky came through and the sun started shining. I knew that a special Angel would make sure we had a beautiful day, so I didn't worry about the weather one bit.

We arrived at the Church to see a full parking lot, a line up of cars and people rushing in before me. I even saw some people watching me enter the Church from their cars. I felt like a movie star, and I'm surprised to say that I was as cool as a cucumber standing at the back of the Church waiting to enter. Talking to G on the phone a few hours earlier took away all my nervous jitters and I was confident and so excited to finally get married! My Dad was my rock, he kept smiling at me and said a little something that will stick with me forever…

The doors opened and through all the cameras and smiling faces the only person I could see was G. He looked so incredibly handsome standing there. He let out a deep breath as I got closer and the expression on his face assured me he was very happy and excited. Our photographer captured this exact expression, and it will be a photo I'll cherish forever.

Our Priest gave a beautiful Mass, very personal and very intimate. We shared tears and laughter, and after saying our vows and sealing it with a kiss, we left as husband and wife. I couldn't have asked for a nicer ceremony, with all my friends and family there, I wouldn't change a thing.

Our Wedding programs, a love story!

Just married, we jumped in the back of our Jeep where two cold ones were waiting for us. G's brother took us on a little tour of our town honking the horn while our Wedding guests followed behind, I felt like a Queen parading through town waving at people. We felt very relaxed and happy. I didn't even mind that my hair that was set in rollers all morning, was being ruined by the wind as paraded around in the topless jeep. Our photographer followed us around from one place to another taking photos, at Cabot Links, my parents house and of course, our home. At home we took some of my favorite photos in our yard, and I was able to go into my own bathroom to freshen up. Soon we were off to our Reception Hall where 200 of our family members and friends were waiting. The meal was fabulous, and the speeches were unforgettable. To no surprise, my father melted everyone's hearts with a beautiful speech, my new brothers were so sweet and charming welcoming me into their family, and my sister spoke about her love for G as her new brother and congratulated us on our marriage.

Waiting to enter the Reception Hall...

In memory of Ronsie, G's Dad, we have made a donation to The ALS Society in your name. Enjoy your Colt cigar.

Dancing the night away!

I'll never forget it, the happiest day of my life!

To be continued...
Rachel Emmilee


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! Especially the bride. Your dress is absolutely stunning!

  2. Your wedding looks truly amazing. So lovely.

  3. I love how absolutely ecstatic you look in all of your photos. And that dress is gorgeous!

  4. beautiful! love the dress! thank yo for posting :)

  5. It looks like a fairytale Rachel! I love the gold and white and the venue decorations. Congratulations to you and G.

  6. Love your wedding dress! Everything looked so perfect. Congratulations to you and your groom!!!

  7. Wow! Everything is so beautiful!!

    I love your dress (love love love), and the church is so beautiful!

  8. Thank you SO much everyone for the sweet words! :)

  9. Your dress was gorgeous! And love the colours. What a perfect day. x Precious

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