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My Last Fling Before The Ring

... There is no lack of material to write about these days, I've just been a little bit busy planning a wedding, attending my own bridal shower and bachelorette party... No big deal.

Here's how it all went down.

My sister along with my closest friends planned a weekend in Halifax. We met up in the city, checked into a nice big two bedroom suite, cranked the tunes and prettied up for a night on the town. This by the way was all a surprise, so I was walking on sunshine from the moment we entered the hotel parking lot. I realized right away that this weekend wasn't just quickly thrown together, the girls had an agenda and they were stickin' to it! They went out of their way to ensure the day and evening was a blast and they very much catered to me and my idea of fun. The hotel was decorated with balloons and you guessed it, lots of penis paraphernalia. In the picture below you will see that I had to drink from a very large, black "cup" all night and wear a shooter glass around my neck. What you don't see is my white clip on head piece with flashing penis' and colorful condoms. Did I want to wear that stuff? No. After a few shooters, did I care? No.
First stop was the Halifax Waterfront for a Tall Ship Silva tour. It was a very nice way to start our evening; the weather was nice, we had some drinks, snacks and a lot of laughs.
From there, we carried on to a bar where we all squeezed around a few tables and enjoyed dinner, more laughs and lots of attention. Every so often I had to take a shot of something, making for a good buzz which was MUCH needed for what was to come... Let's just say it was a wild. Back at the Hotel the girls turned up "the heat" and brought some Las Vegas to Halifax. We partied until about midnight, had to put some ladies to bed, and continued downtown to close the bars. Somehow the large group of us managed to stick together and found our way back to the hotel for pizza and a pile up on one of the beds. 

The Wedding is in 9 days. G picked up his brother at the airport the other night which means our whole Wedding party is finally in the same Province. There isn't much left on our to do list, but I imagine as we get closer things will start to turn up.
The guys are picking up their suits this week, I have one last hair appointment in Halifax and from there I can finally take my dress home. We also need to pick up our Wedding bands and label our wine bottles and meet one last time with our Decorator and Caterer and wrap the rest of our favors and pick up the flowers and get our marriage license and confirm details with our cake baker and and and... Did I say there wasn't much left to do? Hmm...
Everything will come together very nicely I know, so I am not stressing over it. I'm extremely excited for the week to come and I am ready for the rush. It's very hard to believe in just nine days I will be married! I am doing my best to take it all in, staying grounded and enjoying every minute. I would hate to look back on it all and not remember all the special moments because I was too busy rushing and stressing over the things that don't matter.
I don't want to say that I can't wait for it to be over, but I can't wait to wake up the next morning married. I am excited to take some Vacation from work and travel around as a married couple, get back into our regular routine as a married couple, enjoy a fun summer of festivities and events, a quiet romantic winter, and our normal life as a married couple.


The weather has been beautiful. I've been working on my tan and G has been keeping up with our lawn which grows uncontrollably. It's a lot of work for one person and unfortunately I'm not the best help. I can mow a flat of grass no problem, but all the rest is just a drag. My Dad is another fella' who is totally over doing it, his yard is looking amazing with new flowers and landscaping. I told him to relax but he responds, "My girl is getting married!"... He wants everything looking it's best because he knows their house will be party central all weekend.


I have so much to write about but I must stop now and focus on some other things. I hope to find time to update you as the Wedding gets closer and there is no doubt I will be sharing stories and photos of the BIG day on my Blog. Until then, wish me luck in the days to come!

Rachel Emmilee D, soon to be B!


  1. I didn't realize you were getting married so soon! That is so exiting! You're going to look beautiful!


    sending you lots of love! (& my favorite part about blogging has been meeting sweet people like you. :)


  2. YAY!!!!!!! 9 Days! That's SO close!!! I'm happy for you!!! And if / when I get married, I totally want to TRY my hardest to think like you. Relax on stressing, and enjoy every minute. You're so right when you say you don't want to look back and only remember all the stress!! When in the end, you know it's just going to be perfect, because at the end of the day... YOU'LL BE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see some pictures!!

  3. I got married last year and can tell you from experience those last couple days are the most stressful. I'm surprised you made it to the blog at all this close to your nuptials, kudos! Good Luck on your big day!

  4. I LOVED that post. So happy that we are blog besties. You look GORGEOUS in your pics... I am sure the adornment of condoms didn't take away from your shine :) Also... penis cake? LOVE!! I am SO excited for your wedding and I so wish we lived in the same town because you have a pool and I am THAT shallow ;) I am sure everything will come together in time and I swear, if you guys can get to a wedding without falling apart then married life will be a walk in the park :) Lots of love to you and G. Hopefully we will hear from you before the big event, but if not... ENJOY IT. Millions of xo's, Elle xo

  5. I just stumbled across your blog and I wanted to say Congratulations! I hope you guys are having a great time on your vacation!




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