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A Bridal Shower

Last Sunday afternoon I was pulled out of the house by G and when I returned a few hours later, I was greeted by all of my friends, cousins and aunts. My Mom, MOH, MIL and SIL had been planning a party for a couple of weeks and with G's help it was a huge surprise. I have never been on the receiving end of a surprise party, usually I'm the one fussing about making sure things are clean and food is ready, but this time I just had to show up! The girls had the house decorated beautifully with silver, pink, purple and white decorations. Flowers, diamonds, streamers, everything and anything Wedding was strung throughout the house. With all the food that was there, I'll be lucky if I can fit into my dress! Chowder, ribs, meatballs, salads, dips, spreads, punch, brownies, cake, lemon squares, cheese, champagne... So much for that strict diet but, no complaints, the food was amazing!

I was so happy to be surrounded by all the special ladies in my life. Hearing them say that they wouldn't miss it made me feel very special. Some even traveled as long as five hours to be here! I was and still am so overwhelmed by the crowd, the gifts, and the effort that had gone into this party. 

For Erica - A very special thanks goes out to you, my sister, my MOH, my BFF. You are the best at all three. You went above and beyond and really made me feel like a Princess. I love you and I am so excited to enter into Wife-hood with you by my side and my coach!

Friends and family, know that it really warmed my heart to be treated to such a wonderful afternoon. Thank you for everything; your friendship, your support and all the laughs. I will treasure the notes and cards you wrote forever, showing support and love for G and I as we enter into married life! Your confidence that our future will be a happy one means the world to me.

My Bridal Shower will be a day I will never forget, one for the scrapbook for sure!

Rachel Emmilee


  1. What a nice surprise! Looks like everyone put their heart and soul into planning this surprise, that is so sweet. Glad you had a great time! :)

  2. Sounds like it was amazing!! AWE Love it!! HOW excited are you with your wedding coming up?

  3. It was fabulous! I've already started scrapbooking the memories...
    Excited isn't the word :) I'm excited for the party, excited for the honeymoon and most of all, excited to be married.
    The next few weeks will fly by, I have to enjoy every minute because it will be here and gone!

  4. Firstly I like the green... I leave the country for a little while and I return to this.. such a nice thing...

    Secondly how cute are your family and friends?! Things are getting pretty close hey? I am so excited for you! Love Elle xo

  5. Well thank you sweet Elle, I am loving the green also... And yes, my family and friends are the cutest. Time is ticking! Thanks for the love! Glad to see you back in action!


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