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Two Freaking Months


Well no, it hit me last weekend when I treated myself to a helping of Nachos that could have served five... I am getting married in two freaking months. I am walking down an aisle with hundreds of eyes on me in two freaking months. I am becoming a wife in two freaking months. Summer is in two freaking months. I have been engaged since June of last year and it's only now that I am trying to kick start healthy eating habits and an exercise routine. Before I continue, let me tell you about my history with dieting and exercise...

I wonder what's on TV tonight? Ou, I should make a dip!

See what just happened there? I can't even write about exercise and dieting without getting distracted by thoughts of cream cheese. I never in my life committed to a healthy diet, I don't even consistently buy skimmed milk! This one time, SIL {sister in law} and I attempted a GNC cleanse that involved choking back 10 horse pills a day, drinking powdered crap and eating gluten free for seven days. I thought by doing this cleanse I would free my system of toxins and start eating healthy foods, but it only made me appreciate junk food more. I didn't care about the reward in the end, I just wanted to eat. SIL was dedicated and I'm pretty sure she completed the cleanse but I cheated with only 3 days left.
As for exercise, I admit that I feel great physically and mentally when I work out but that doesn't happen near as often as it should. The motivation is everywhere I look but my drive is nowhere to be found. You would think in the last year, knowing that my Wedding was a few months away I would be more committed to being fit and healthy, but no, here I am two freaking months away and stressed about the dress! 

At Saturdays fitting, the dress came up over my hips with a bit of a struggle but in the end, it did fit. I could use some muscle tone in my arms and back, but despite my poor eating habits and lack of exercise my body hasn't changed much since December. Does that mean I am going to continue down the path of Poutine, Nachos and Wine only to sit on the couch at the end? No, I am going to make changes! It's not about losing weight in fact, I don't want to lose weight. I want energy, I want to be confident in my Wedding dress when I wear it in two freaking months, I want to rock a bathing suit in two freaking months. I want to be a healthier and happier person over all. Who is with me!?


Last week, SIL and I had a light and nutritious lunch of eggs, fresh fruit, a smoothie and green tea. {Having a friend making the same positive changes as you is very encouraging!}
Since then I have been very aware of what I am eating and how much I am eating. I am doing a pretty good job of nixing cravings by eating healthy snacks and I'm drinking water more often than usual. I have not been able to cut out coffee and portion control at dinner is very difficult, but that's a start right!?

G and I picked up some groceries yesterday and for the first time EVER, I ignored the Devil on my shoulder reading me the bad food checklist and I packed our cart full fruit and veggies. {Kiwi, grapes, watermelon, oranges, apples, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, cucumber, berries, celery, green beans, snap peas, carrots, lettuce, plums, peaches} I skipped the meat aisle and stocked up on fish instead, bought eggs, yogurt and healthy breakfast cereals and shakes. 

artificial flavors
cream cheese
sour cream

I felt pretty good going through the checkout and was prepared to say, "Oh yeah, we totally eat like this all the time!" if only the worker commented on our healthy choices.


I had a nutrition packed breakfast this morning for the first time in months. It really made a difference in my day and my energy level. Why is something so easy, so hard? I don't get why I never allowed myself time in the morning to eat breakfast. Tonight I got through an entire workout with the NIKE TRAINING CLUB app on my iPod. If you are looking for a great, easy to follow work out that allows you to work at your pace, this is for you. The app gives you the option to watch a demonstration and then resume work out when you are ready, you can pause at anytime and listen to your own music during the whole routine. The only equipment you need is a medicine ball and one set of hand weights. The best part is having the instructor cut in at the perfect time to encourage you to keep it up, and count you down to the next exercise.Before you know it the 30 minutes are up and you feel so good.
Look for Nike Training Club in the App Store - It's free to install!

I think I'm on the right track considering I am already looking forward to tomorrow's workout! I will keep you apprised of the progress, and I am welcome to any suggestions you may have that will keep me focused with my eye on the prize!

Rachel Emmilee


  1. I just found your blog! Good luck! I wish I could do that, I am hopeless at being healthy I start then stop about a day or two later

  2. Good luck with the wedding!
    I think this might be why I am putting off setting a date...I don't want to diet or exercise!!

  3. Good luck with the wedding!
    I think this might be why I am putting off setting a date...I don't want to diet or exercise!!

  4. This is a great post! My sisters and I are also eating healthy and making exercise a lifestyle. You seem to be doing great, keep it up! :)

  5. Thanks for the tip on that app! I'm going to download it today. I am good about doing cardio but struggle with weights/resistance exercises so this looks perfect! Your list of groceries actually made me really hungry - loooove all that fresh fruit. Good luck!

  6. @Angel, welcome and thank you for reading! :)

    @Laura, don't put off setting a date, just don't put off doing what you want to do before the date like I did! I feel pretty rushed right now, but I'll get it done! :)

    @Harris Ladies, don't hesitate to share some ideas... I need any advice I can on how to stay focused!

    @Amy, I have never in my LIFE completed a workout routine until now with Nike Training Club. It's the perfect training tool for beginners through to advanced... Good luck! :)

  7. O_O OMG CONGRATS!!! I literally almost had a panic attack thinking about planning my own wedding lol. But keep up the good work and remember to keep a balanced diet, don't overwhelm yourself!!!

    xoxo Gracie

  8. Lol I just wrote a comment and I have no idea where it went trying to log in. But once again CONGRATS!!!! and try not to overwhelm yourself :D yayyyyyyy.

    xoxo Gracie

  9. It's always the struggle of knowing you need to start eating healthy but there is always that one box of something that keeps you away. But I'm sure you can keep up with it since your wedding is so close. Good luck!

  10. Thank you Miss Gracie! I'm very excited... Wedding planning has been great so far, little to no stress! I'm very proud of myself, since writing this post I have stuck to my balanced diet, I've been eating breakfast and staying active! :)

  11. Hey Rachel, We answered some of your questions you asked on our blog and thanks for the link! As for advice on staying focused... this may sound stupid and cliche but we just tell ourselves to just do it. And it's great that we have each other. Find a really good workout buddy. We always think about the good feeling we get when we eat right and exercise and use that as motivation. Think of being healthy and working out as a job and the pay is a better life. Hope this helped.

  12. Right on sista!! I would have waited until the morning of the wedding and skipped breakfast... got totally wasted and vomited in my new mother in laws hand bag... so well done on getting your shit together! I am the least motivated person I know... it makes me sad... and you would almost think that it would motivate me to doing something about it but alas no... I wear a bikini in 2 weeks... I feel sick just thinking about that :(

    Good luck with your new regime, I am impressed!

    Love Elle xo

  13. Thank you Elle, this comment alone has made me want to keep going :)... I was SO close to ordering take out last night but instead ate a monster salad. I'm doing good, totally impressed with myself. Breakfast works wonders, I don't know why I'm only finding that out now... Like always, thanks for reading! :)


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