What's my age again?

My other half left this morning on an all guys hockey trip out of Province. I am so jealous that his hobbies take him on long road trips and even up, up and away to NFLD. I was never to (to? at? in? on?) NFLD but I hope to visit someday. Hopefully G will take lots of pictures and be on his best behaviour so he can actually tell me about the trip, rather than it being a beer induced, foggy memory.

When he told me a while back that he was going on this super fun long weekend with a bunch of guys I wanted to sook and make him feel bad about it. Why? Because that's what a girl does when she is needy and hates being apart from her man, duh! Then I remembered my fun long weekend with Vickie, Matt and Matt's boyfriend in Toronto for PRIDE. He didn't try to discourage me from wanting to go so I decided to be excited for him and show that by saying, "Oh awesome, you're going to have so much fun!" Aren't I sweet? If you're wondering why I had to choose to be excited, just know that we do everything together and I panic a little when I learn that he's going somewhere to have lots of fun without me.

With that being said, I take pride in being a girlfriend that doesn't hold him back. I do admit to being sooky when he decides to exclude me from plans, I do hammer it into his head that he must check in from time to time and I tend to send him a few too many texts... But who doesn't? I couldn't imagine not caring.

Really though, I love my girl time and alone time just as much and believe it or not, I have been looking forward to this weekend. What will I do, you ask?  If I don't get tempted by friends to go out and do something fun, or if the couch doesn't tempt me to lay on it all weekend, I hope to clean and bake. I know, I suck. What's my age again? You would understand if you saw my laundry room floor and the layer of saw dust on every surface that our new flooring project left behind. 

If I reward myself with a bubble bath, a bottle of wine, a chick flick and a much needed Skype date with my cousin Matt, the weekend should be very good. So good that I forget about my man bar hopping on George Street? I don't know about that one...

Here's to hoping that Sunday I am posting photos of my clean house and a healthy certain someone comes home and notices all I have done! :)



  1. I LOVE alone girl time. Cherish it! It's such a beautiful thing :)

  2. Girl time is the best! Let go and have fun this weekend. Let us know how it went. :)

  3. Man, you're way better than me at the whole letting-your-boyfriend-do-fun-things-without-you game. I have a weird jealous streak when it comes to him doing awesome things without me. I mean, we do plenty of stuff apart, but you definitely deal with in a much more mature way than I often do...=] And hey, like you said, you have to embrace having the remote to yourself while you have the chance!

  4. Thanks Ladies! So far so good :) @Rachel, I won't be so mature and easy going when it comes to him going away on his Bachelor party WEEKEND, yes I said weekend, because a whole weekend is absolutely nessecary. Urgh...

  5. Rachel, I stumbled upon your blog and I really like it! I read through your about me post and whatnot, and I might have missed it but...are you from Canada? Haha, but anyways I'm now a follower! :) If you want, you can check out my blog too: it's pretty new, but it's going to be geared towards helping kids through college issues from the perspective of a college kid!

  6. Hi Jeremy, thanks for reading! I'd love to check out your Blog, sounds interesting! :)

  7. When the Chef leaves me alone I tell him to text me every 10 minutes, after about half an hour I get bored and tell him to stop... but at least he does it for a wee while... last time he went away I LOVED it, I kicked up a bit of a stink because he was going skiing and that is MY thing too... but anyway, I was supportive and actually LOVED the time on my own. It was his idea to drive an hour home one night because he missed me. I didn't sook or nuthin' to get that :)Love Elle xo


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