Sweet & Spicy Chili

If it's not spicy, it's not Chili!

1LB BACON - Cut small, fry and set aside. (Do not cook and then crumble.) Drain grease and in the same pan...
4-5 HOT ITALIAN SAUSAGES - Remove casing, cook and crumble as you would ground beef. Set aside and in the same pan...
 1LB GROUND BEEF- Cook and crumble. *Optional - Season ground beef with a mesquite/or smoked seasoning of your choice.*

Cut small, 3 MEDIUM ONIONS, 1 GREEN PEPPER, 1 RED PEPPER and saute (sweat) in a pan with 1 tbsp EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and 3 Large cloves of minced GARLIC.

In a large pot, combine 2 Lg Cans of HUNTS TOMATO SAUCE (4 Cheese or Roasted Garlic) 1 LG CAN OF DICED TOMATOES with juices, your cooked meat and vegetables.

Drain and rinse well 2 LG CANS KIDNEY BEANS and add to Chili.

Add 1 TBSP PEPPER FLAKES, 2 PKG CLUBHOUSE CHILI SEASONING, 1/2 CUP BROWN SUGAR. Stir and combine well, simmer on the stove as long as you can (1 hour minimum) before serving to allow the flavours to combine.

*If Chili appears to be thin, add 1 CAN OF TOMATO PASTE

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