Roasted Garlic & Red Pepper Cheese Ball

1) In a bowl soften 1 BLOCK CREAM CHEESE, grate small 1 CUP MARBLE CHEESE.

2) Half one RED BELL PEPPER and unwrap 4-5 cloves of GARLIC, drizzle with OLIVE OIL and roast in the oven on high until they are browned/softened.

3) Remove pepper and garlic from the oven, allow to cool. Smear garlic with knife along chopping board to create a paste, it should smell nutty and be brown in color. When dicing the 1/2 pepper it will be very juicy. Avoid adding the juice to the cheese mixture or else your cheese ball will be runny. 

Combine all ingredients together and mix well, create a ball or a log of cheese (using kitchen gloves or plastic wrap) and let it firm in the fridge until serving time. Spread RED PEPPER JELLY on the cheese ball prior to serving and enjoy with crackers of any kind.

*See post, "GALLOPING COWS JELLY" or visit for the BEST Red Pepper Jelly*

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